Scents and Scent Eliminators Buying Guide

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Animals rely on their sense of smell for survival. In most cases, an animal’s sense of smell is more reliable than its sight or hearing. They use their keen sense of smell to find food and potential mates, and avoid predators. For example, a deer can smell a human from 150 to 200 yards, and the human’s smell can linger for days. Animals also use scent to communicate. They mark their territory and send messages about sexual availability. In order to counteract an animal’s sense of smell, it is best to stay downwind. This ensures that scent particles do not reach the animals’ noses. Alternatively, some hunters use scenteliminators and scentmasks to cover their tracks. They also use scentlures to attract animals to hunting areas.

Understanding how scent works means understanding the habits of the target animal. Some lures work better in the middle of the mating season, while others work year-round. Luckily, booksandDVDs are available on the topic, making it an easy subject to research. An assortment of products is available to eliminate scent from head to toe, to mask any lingering odors, and to attract both deer and predators. Products are available from hunting shops or online.

Using Scent Eliminators to Neutralize Human Scent

To eliminate human smells effectively, hunters must neutralize smells on their bodies, clothing, and gear. The worst odor-culprits include aftershave and perfume. Sweat, bad breath, cigarette smoke, and other tobacco-related smells, as well as detergents, food, gasoline, and pet odors are additional scent concerns.

Neutralizing Body Scents in the Bathroom

It is important to have a shower before the hunt. Using a scent-eliminatingsoap or bodywash removes dead skin cells and odor causing bacteria. Hair should be washed with scent-eliminatingshampoo as scent is trapped in hair more easily than on bare skin. Dry off with a towel that has been washed in scent-neutralizing detergent to avoid contamination. After the shower, scent-eliminating or scent-free anti-perspirant deodorant can be applied. The smell of sweat carries, and using an odorless deodorant will help to control perspiration during the hunt. Do not apply aftershave after decontaminating. In fact, one should stop wearing aftershave or perfume as early as three to five days before the hunt.

Eliminating Smells from Hunting Gear

One must use a scent-eliminating detergent or soap to wash everything that is going on the hunt. This includes one’s backpack, fanny pack, gun sling, bow release, and climbing stand. Once all items are clean they should be stored in an odor-eliminatingbag or in a room with an electronicscenteliminator.

Controlling Human Smells in Clothing

Scent-eliminatingdetergent and dryersheets eliminate human smells when washing hunting clothing. Additionally, scent-controlclothing is designed to control the bacteria that cause odors, and to absorb smells. Everything hunters will wear on the hunt should be washed in a clean washing machine. This includes underwear, socks, pants, shirts, jackets, face masks, hats, gloves, and rain suits. To clear the washing machine of residual detergent, let it complete a wash cycle while empty. Some hunters prefer to wear street clothes to the hunting site to avoid contamination by scents lingering in their trucks or cars. These should be included in the load, along with the towel that will be used after showering.

When hunting, hunters should wear rubberboots that have been scrubbed with a scent eliminator, or scent-neutralizinghuntingboots. These boots should never be used for anything but hunting. Stepping in oil or gasoline will track the smell into the hunting area. Additionally, foot odor-neutralizing spray or a scent-eliminatingwafer can be used to control foot odor.

Do not dry clothes in the dryer when there are food smells present in the vicinity of the machine. The smells will pull into the clothes, negating the scent-eliminating wash. Similarly, remember to remove scented dryer sheets, or be sure to use scent-eliminating dryer sheets. Once the clothes are dry, store them in a scent-eliminating bag. Alternatively, hang them in an area with no strong ambient smells, or near an electronic scent eliminator.

Avoiding Scent Contamination

While some hunters prefer to get dressed at the hunt site, others prefer to dress at home. Once dressed, hunters should leave home as quickly as possible to avoid picking up new smells. It is not advisable to fill one’s car or truck with gas after getting dressed. Those who do should wear gloves and avoid stepping on the ground at the filling station while wearing their hunting boots. The smell of gasoline is already overpowering to humans. Animals have a sense of smell that is hundreds of times more sensitive than ours. Additionally, one should stay in the vehicle for a moment or two when arriving at the hunting site to avoid contamination from exhaust fumes. It is best to wait until all fumes have dispersed before leaving the vehicle.

Treating Clothing with Odor-Eliminating Spray

Whether one gets dressed at home or at the hunting location, all clothing should be sprayed with odor eliminator. Many hunters wear two layers of clothing. The bottom layer wicks moisture away from the skin, controlling the body temperature while staying dry. Sweat is trapped before its odor becomes a problem. Once the bottom layer has been put on, spray all clothing with odor-eliminatingspray. Once the outer layer has been put on, spray these clothes too.

Bootpads soaked in redfox or raccoonurine will mask any scent left behind while walking to the hunting area. Coverscents are used to mask human odors with naturally occurring plant or animal scents. Before choosing one, hunters should make sure that they are appropriate to the area. For example, the smell of red fox urine might be foreign in some areas, making target animals wary of approaching. Hunters should remember that sweat can be smelled a mile away. Walking at a less strenuous pace will lower the amount of sweat produced. Once at the hunting location, it is important not to urinate in the area. Since animals mark their territory and communicate this way, human urine will be obvious to them. Be sure the wind is blowing in the right direction in relation to the hunting site, and then breath neutralizing spray or chew huntersgum to remove the last traces of human scent.

Using Scents to Attract Game

Scents and lures are used to attract animals. They create a smell that causes a reaction in target animals.


Scents are the actual smells of the animal being hunted, and are usually made up of glands or urine. For example, tarsalglandodors attract bucks because they trigger a territorial response. Bucks will think an adversary is encroaching on their territory and will seek out this rival to challenge it. Similarly, doe-in-estrusscents attract bucks by triggering their sexual urges. Bucks are led to believe that a there is a doe in the area that is ready to mate. Scents can be used to attract most game, including elk, deer, moose, wildhogs, and bear.

Traps can be sprayed with fox, coyote, muskrat, or beaverscents to make animals believe that others of their kind have been there and that it is safe to enter. Rabbiturine can be used to attract predators by giving the impression that there is prey in the vicinity. Hunters should note that some animals, like raccoons, do not fear human scents. Because they often scavenge food from dumpsters and other human sources, they relate human scents with food rather than danger.


Lures are formulated smells used to attract animals. There are four different kinds:

1.      Foodlures trigger the hunger response. Examples include concentrated corn, apple, or acorn extract for attracting whitetail deer.

2.      Curiositylures excite or intrigue animals. These smells can be unknown to the animals, but should not be threatening.

3.      Territorial lures are usually made from urine, glands, secretions, or musks. They mimic invading animals or females in season. On occasion these lures may spook animals if they believe a bigger, stronger male is in the area.

4.      Calllures are made up of a combination of food, territorial, and curiosity lures, combined with a carrier.


Scents can be spread using scentwicks. They can also be sprayed directly onto decoys, or spread with scent-dispersing boot pads. Spraying twigs and branches with scents allows the wind to disperse the odor due to the porous nature of wood.

Finding Scents and Scent Eliminators on eBay

Scents & ScentEliminators can be found in the Accessories aisle of the Hunting section in eBay’s Outdoor Sports section. Do not forget to visit eBayStores’ hunting section for more great deals on hunting equipment. If the item you want is not listed, why not saveasearch in My eBay? Doing so triggers an automated email when the item becomes available. Alternatively, creating a posting in WantitNow lets other sellers know that you are looking for the item.

eBay and PayPal work together to offer a safe, convenient shopping experience. Take the time to learn what procedures they have in place to keep you safe. Never complete a transaction off eBay, and never pay using a method where the money becomes available to the seller before the item is shipped. eBay gives buyers access to sellers’ feedback from other buyers. Use this with the number of sales completed to form your own opinion of the seller before making a purchase. Do not forget to check the seller’s terms and conditions. Some offer a money-back guarantee or free shipping and handling while others have a returns policy.

To work out the total cost of an item, add the purchase price to the shipping and handling fees. Carefully check the item’s description and photos. Should you wish to ask the seller a question, use the ‘Ask a Question’ link to do so. You can ask the seller to insure more expensive or fragile items before shipping. Although unlikely, if the item fails to arrive or arrives in a condition that is different than described, eBayBuyerProtection will refund the selling price and shipping fees. Doing research about an item will give you an indication of the fair asking price.


Many hunters and trappers are passionate about hunting. The scents and scent eliminators available on eBay will give them an advantage by allowing them to stalk game undetected and finally bag the big game of their dreams.

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