Portable bag closers from China - HANDS OFF!

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Portable bag closer - portable sewing machine - Chinese sewing machines - GK26 - GK9-2

WARNING about portable stitchers from China (Mainland China) GK26 - GK 9-2 - GK20

There are lots of cheap, cheap, veeeeery chep so-called "industrial bag closers" being imported into Europe. The lot of this stuff is floating in from Mainland China, i.e. the Peoples'  Republic of China.

We are a commercial seller of sewing machinery, and we also have a maintenance facility, plus spares stock & sales. We are located in Germany, and our main clientele is domestic German. Until now, we used to sell Chinese "economic" small portable bag closers from China. I''m quite delighted that we have dropped that by now, because:

Over the past 12 months, we had to notice an increasing demand for repairs & maintenance for Chinese made cheap portable sewing machinery (some folks call them "economic", but there's not very much of economy involved, considering the fuss).

Keep your fingers off any Chinese made GK9 or GK26 portable sewing machines! Or, if you cannot resist: buy yourself at least two or three of those. Any of those has an average lifetime of some 50 hours. After that, you could send it to your reliable internet seller (if he does exist by that time), or you decide to throw it away. The latter seems to be the best choice.

If you're looking for a reliable industrial portable bag closing sewing machine, I'd recommend to look out for those brands:

- Fischbein (made in the U.S.)
- Union Special (made in the U.S.)
- Newlong (made in Japan, as reliable as any Toyota or Nissan)
- Siruba (made in Taiwan, but much, much better than the Mainland China stuff)
- Guru (made in India; fully compliant with BS standards)

Sorry for my lousy English - I hope that you could understand my goal, at least.

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