Moving to the United States

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If you are considering making the move to the United States, either on a permanent basis or just to spend a few weeks or months in the United States, then this is the guide for you.

Starting a new life in a new country is an exiting time, if you follow the process and tick off one thing at a time it becomes less stressful. The majority of Americans are 3rd or 4th generation immigrants. Many of their great grandparents where first processed at Ellis Island. (The Statue of Liberty) 25 million people arrived through Ellis Island and the port of New York between 1892-1924. Today Americans are able to search the website and download images of the actual immigration forms on record.

The main problem facing people who wish to move to the United States is obtaining a work visa. The United States has enough of its own scroungers, hangers on, those who want the goverment and Tax payers to look after them. Therefore if you want to move to the USA you will need a visa. You can't just turn up, rent a home and expect to go and get a job. Thats what the illegal immigrants do! The US Goverment will allow you to move, either on a temporary or full time, it just wants you to apply correctly, the same way generation have done. Similary if you have money, you can't just pick up and move. You have to contribute something to the country.

A citizen of a foreign country such as UK, wishing to enter the US, Generally must fisrt obtain a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay, or an immigration visa for perminant residence. The type of visa you must have is defined by Immigration law and relates to the purpose of your travel.

Employment-Based Visas: Which One is Right for You?

Temporary Professionals - H-1B Visas
These temporary visas require an employer to sponsor you, and both you and the employer must qualify. You will need a degree or equivalent experience related to the sponsoring job. These visas are usually for three years, with a three year extension possible.

Temporary Agricultural Workers – H-2A Visas
You will need to find a legal farm job to get this visa, and the farmer or employer of farm personnel will have to apply for the visa for you.

Temporary Skilled and Unskilled Workers – H-2B Visas
These temporary visas cover a variety of jobs. They are not used for agricultural [farm] workers, and are not usually for degreed professionals or high-tech workers. You must have a job offer and an employer willing to sponsor you. These visas are for one year, but may be extended to three years under certain circumstances.

Employment-based Green Cards
Certain professionals, individuals with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and skilled workers may be able to apply for a green card right away, skipping the temporary work visa phase.

The qualifications for an employment-based green card are generally more stringent than those for a temporary visa, so if you don’t think you will qualify for any working visa, this won’t offer much hope. There are preferences and different waiting times depending on how important your job is to a U.S. company or — in general — to the country.

Treaty Traders and Investors: E visas
If you want to engage in the promotion of international commerce (for example, open a shop in which you will sell products imported from your country), or to directly engage in a business in which you have substantially invested funds, an E visa may be for you. E visas can require proof and/or investment of substantial sums of money. Such visas are only issued for five years, but may be renewed continuously.

Immigration Lawyer/Attorney is a good place to start, but BEFORE you spend any money out, start by buying at least one of the following books.

Moving to the United States of America and Immigration. by Mark A Cooper. 2008. Probably the most up to date and best book on the market. Available form eBay and Amazon. How to obtain every type of Permits and E-1. E-2, E-3, E-5, H-1, L-1, G, I, O, K, R, and Q Visa's, Green cards and Citizenship, plus gives over 100 Citizenship questions and answers. You will also learn how to buy a home, apply for a mortgage, pass your driving test, find a school and obtain a credit score. For a new start in the 'Land of Oppertunity' buying a first or second home, a business project or a retirement drem, this book will prove indispensable. It isn't, however a boring text book, but an interesting and entertaining guide written in a highly readable style. IBSN 0741446251

Living and Working in America. by Steve Mills, 2004. A good book on job hunting and day to day living, slightly outdated now. This is well written and has some good points on obtaining a job.Available at Amazon. and now and then on eBay.

Living and Working in America By David Hampshire. Another good book also available at Amazon. and here on eBay. It includes: How to find a job, How to use the Post office, How to Use public transport, How to stretch your dollar. Written in 2005 it has some very valuable information on making a move to the United States. The author David Hampshire has written over thirty books on living in a new country. such as France, germany, Australia, Canada and of course Spain. Although some information here is very generic. it is written in an enjoyable style by a good author. David Hampshire does update his books every 4-6 yeras so look for the latest Edition. IBSN 1901130613

The Immigration guide to the USA By Henry Liebman. The author has attempted to give as much information as possible; however it's like a text book and has some incorrect information on Visa application. This could prove to be potentially dangerous or expensive. A good 'Nuts and Bolts' book on immigration to the United States. Available on eBay and Amazon.

Buying a Property in Florida By Moen, Howell, and Felipe. Published by the Sunday Times 1999. this was a great book years ago. But still has some good information. It has great information on buying a home in Florida. How to get a mortgae and covers various regions in florida, plus the climate. It also covers property tax and insurance. Marked by the publishers as the most comprehensive guide of its kind-written by local experts and packed with essential information on every step of the buying process: dealing with Estate agents, insurance, letting for income, building from scratch and renovation. Available from used book stores, and eBay. IBSN 1850111157

I hope the above information has been helpful.

For decades the United States has been recognized throughout the world as The Land of Opertunity, making the goal of reaching its friendly shores is the dream of millions of immigrants searching for a better life. I hope this will be just part of the information you gain towards achievement of your vision and goals by instilling belief and commitment to free enterprise principle.

Let me be the first to say, "Welcome to America"

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