Miami Dolphins Memorabilia Buying Guide

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Based in the Miami metropolitan area, the Miami Dolphins is considered one of the most legendary football teams in the history of the National Football League, or the NFL. Established back in 1966, the team was founded by Joe Robbie, a lawyer and a politician, and Danny Thomas, an actor and a comedian. The team first played in the American Football League, and over the years, they have been able to rake in record-breaking statistics, league victories, and championship trophies. Because of this, Miami Dolphins sports merchandise and memorabilia continue to be popular among both avid fans and sports memorabilia collectors.

Benefits of Buying Miami Dolphins Memorabilia

Similar to buying sports memorabilia of other sports teams, buying Miami Dolphins memorabilia offers a lot of benefits. First off, because of the fame and popularity that the Miami Dolphins have, their memorabilia, especially those which have been autographed or authenticated, can be quite valuable, and their value is expected to increase even more over time. This is why buying and collecting them can be profitable and can be a good way to invest some money on something that can give a big payout in just a couple of years. Because of their value, Miami Dolphins memorabilia can also make good family heirlooms that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Aside from this, collecting Miami Dolphins memorabilia can also be a great hobby, particularly for those who love football or for those who live in Miami and are fans of the team.

Types of Miami Dolphins Memorabilia

There is a wide array of Miami Dolphins memorabilia that are available in the market today, which is why it is important for buyers and collectors to first become familiar with the kinds of memorabilia that they can get so that they can decide which ones would be best to purchase.

Some of the types of Miami Dolphins memorabilia that can be purchased from both online and offline merchants and dealers today include:

  •     photographs
  •     plaques and collages
  •     football cards and tickets
  •     new or game-used balls
  •     new or game-used uniforms or jerseys
  •     helmets, cleats, and other types of sports equipment
  •     bags
  •     sports figures or figurines
  •     jewelry, watches and other accessories
  •     tailgating and other outdoor items

    How the Value of Miami Dolphins Memorabilia is Determined

    There are several factors which determine the value of Miami Dolphins sports memorabilia. Some of these factors include: the popularity and the talent of the athlete who used the item or that the item is commemorating; whether or not the item has been autographed or signed; whether or not there was a company representative who was present during the signing of the item; whether or not the item is a limited edition; the number of that particular item which has been made available to the public; whether or not there is a certificate of authenticity or a registration card included with the item; the amount of time which has elapsed from the time the item came out or was purchased; the overall condition of the item; and whether or not the item was given out or was purchased during a special event such as the Super Bowl.

    Decide What to Collect

    The first thing would be to make the decision of collecting sports memorabilia of the entire team or sports memorabilia of just one player or several players. Another consideration is whether collecting one particular type of item such as football jerseys or various types of items from photographs to sports equipment would be better.

    Product Authenticity and Rarity

    Whether you would be buying sports memorabilia online or offline, checking their authenticity is imperative, as their authenticity would ultimately determine their value. Make sure that you would always be asking the seller for a proof of authenticity for the item/s that you are interested in getting. Note that this is applicable even when you are doing business with a reputable dealer.

    Know the Methods of Authenticating an Autograph

    If you are planning to purchase or if you have already purchased an autographed item, then it is important for you to make sure that the autograph is authenticated. There are several ways to do this. One would be to keep the certification card or the certificate of authenticity with the item. You should also take note of the serial number and check whether or not there is a tamper-proof hologram which has been affixed to the item. There are also many companies which have a website where you can go to so that you can register your item. If you purchased an item without an autograph and are planning to have it autographed, then it would be best if there would be a company representative who could witness the signing and that there would be a notarized affidavit or a record of the autograph session.

    Product Quality

    It is also important to make sure that you have a good idea of how to assess the quality of sports memorabilia. If you do not or if you are just starting to collect sports memorabilia, it would be best for you to do your research first or to attend some sports memorabilia shows so that you can get a better idea or a better feel of the kind of quality that you are looking for.

    Things to Remember When Buying Miami Dolphins Memorabilia on eBay

    Due to the large number of Miami Dolphins memorabilia that is being sold today and the large number of merchants that are selling them, it can be easy to end up buying fake items or items which have less value than what they are advertised to have. Authentic Miami Dolphins memorabilia can be purchased from several places including brick-and-mortar stores which sell sports merchandise and sports collectibles, online marketplaces such as eBay, sports memorabilia shows, and yard sales.

    Check the Prices

    You should also check out the prices of the memorabilia that you are most interested in. To do this, it would be best to make use of the resources which are available both online and offline. These would include price guides and periodicals. By getting information about the prices of certain memorabilia, it would be easier for you to determine whether or not buying an item would be a good deal. Although price may be a deciding factor, there are several team artifacts that are pricess to certain owners such as Super Bowl rings and game-winning balls.

    Check the Condition of the Item

    Even when the item is authentic, its value can significantly decrease if it is in poor shape or condition. Ideally, it is best to purchase sports memorabilia that have been stored in a protective case or covering to make sure that their condition has been well preserved. If you come across an item that you are interested in which have not been stored properly, make sure to ask about its condition. With cards and other sports memorabilia made from paper, you would not want them to have creases or stains. With articles of clothing or sports memorabilia which are made with fabric, you would not want them to have stains or holes. With larger items such as actual footballs or other sports equipment, you would not want them to have damages such as scratches or dents.

    Check the Background of the Seller

    Because most sports memorabilia can be quite expensive, especially those which are in mint condition or those which come with certificates of authenticity, it would be best for you to check the background of the seller who is selling the item you want to purchase. If you are on eBay, check the feedback of the seller. If you would be purchasing from an online or offline store which sells sports collectibles and sports memorabilia, then make sure to research about their background and reputation first through asking their clients or looking for reviews about them and their merchandise.

    Sports Memorabilia Insurance

    If you are planning to purchase an item which has a high value, then you would definitely want to first check with the shipping company to ensure the item is covered if lost or stolen in transit. Personal homeowner policies cover specific goods if claimed on the policy.

    Although this can add a significant amount to your premium, it would be best if your item is insured, as you would not want to shoulder its cost in case it gets stolen during a break-in or damaged during a fire.


    Aside from being a great and fulfilling hobby, buying and collecting sports memorabilia of the Miami Dolphins can be a good way to invest some money on items with values that are expected to increase over time. However, buyers and collectors are advised to first obtain enough information on everything there is to know about buying these sports collectibles to make sure that they would only be acquiring authentic and valuable items.

    Purchasing an item on eBay is easy since the website is resourceful. There are several forums for sports enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers alike where all can share their input and expertise on player and team memorabilia.

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