K-333W Kurzanleitung

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K-333W VoIP IP Internet Telephone Set-up guide

Connect the handset to the base:
insert handset cord into the handset cord jack at the left side
of the base.

Connect the IP phone to  the Internet:

Plug the RJ-45 Ethernet cable
into the Ethernet Socket. - cable not supplied-
Plug the other end of the cable into the HUB.

Power on IP phone: plug the power cord adapter into the
Power Jack. Then plug the other end of the power cord adapter into the appropriate wall outlet.

There are four different ways can be used to configure K-333W IP phone:
Phone keypad,
Web browser,
Telnet commands
PalmTool configuration tool on computer.

Phone Keypad setup

Function Keys Introduction: When using keypad and LCD to configure the settings of IP phone, following keys will be used:


LOCIP              = Enter setting mode

VOL+                =  Reverses the menu options

VOL-                 =  Forward Menu option/Moves
                              cursor backwards

LOCIP/SET       = Modifies the values

SPEAKER/OK  = Enter the Sub Menu /Confirms a change

REDIAL/EXIT    = Exits the current Menu/Exits settings

Configuring by WEB

Double click the    icon to open the IE browser. Input the IP address of the phone into Internet explorer address bar ,
and then input the password of the phone into the following page. The Default password is  **** -supplied with phone ! - this is the ordinary password
the super password is ********, with this password you can  access more of the phones set up pages.

With Default  set at  0 =disable, please input super password  while Default is not set as 0 =disable,

please input the ordinary password.

Then click the button. A configuration page will now popup.
You must enter all of your VoIP account data into this page...
or please enter your  - Super - password to access more set-up


Beware - All user info will be lost !

a. Take out the power adapter first;
b. Long press on the  * key and plug in the power at the same time;
c. Pick up  the handset when the LCD display shows *
d. Input # 5 * 5, on the phone keypad ?then the phone will default to factory's setting.

VoIP K-333W Suppliers:

TEL: 0049 -0-30 364 349 48
TEL: 0049 -0-30 364 349 55
FAX: 0049 -0-30 364 349 45

Copyrighted 2005
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