Jacksonville Jaguars Memorabilia Buying Guide

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Starting back in the 1800s when trading cards were first introduced by the tobacco and gum companies of the United States of America as a way to generate more sales, sports fanatics have been collecting sports memorabilia. What started off as an advertising gimmick with  simple trading cards has now grown into a multi million dollar industry. Fans can now collect all kinds of memorabilia, from autographed footballs, jerseys, and helmets to player plaques, bobble heads, and trading cards.

Before buying any memorabilia, the wise buyer will know what to look for. Buyers will make sure to know what a fair price is for the item in question and will not be fooled by fraudulent memorabilia.Although a buyer can purchase authentic memorabilia directly from the stadium, and authorized re-sellers, several online venues like eBay are quick and verified sites to purchase authentic goods.

History of the Jacksonville Jaguars

After several years of trying to  attract  an NFL franchise Ownership group Touchdown Jacksonville which included former governor Jeb Bush, developer Tom Petway, and Nine West founder Wayne Weaver were awarded an expansion franchise  in 1993.  Play started in 1995  and ever  since  then  they  have been attracting die hard loyal fans.  Even though they have yet to make it to the Super Bowl they were the first NFL expansion team to make the playoffs three times in its first four seasons of play  and every year hundreds of thousands  of fans descend on  Gator Bowl Stadium to cheer on the likes of  Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashean Mathis.

Who’s Who?

Below is a list of ten well-known and high-performing players of the Jacksonville Jaguars along with the years that they played with the team. 

1.  Tony Boselli (1995 - 2001) Offensive Lineman

2.  Fred Taylor (1998 - 2008) Running Back

3.  Jimmy Smith (1995 - 2005) Wide Receiver

4.  Mark Brunell (1995 - 2003) Quarterback

5.  Tony Brackens (1996 - 2003) Defensive End 

6.  Maurice Jones-Drew (2006 - Present) Running Back

7.  Rashean Mathis (2003 - Present) Cornerback

8.  Keenan McCardell (1996 - 2001) Wide Receiver

9.  Marcus Stroud (2001 - 2007) Defensive Tackle

10.  John Henderson (2002 - 2009) Defensive Tackle

Types of Jacksonville Jaguar Memorabilia

When it comes to sports memorabilia there are all types of items on the market, from pins and trading cards to pieces of the field and old stadium seats. The table below lists some of the most common Jacksonville Jaguars memorabilia and what to look for when buying it.



Autographed Items

Check to see if the signature is clear and not smudged and that the area around the signature is clean. Check for a certificate of authenticity.

Trading Cards

Look for smooth surfaces, look to see that the pictured is centered, corners are sharp, and what year the card was made.

Collectibles & Art

Team Jerseys/Apparel

Check for rips caused during a game or sweat stains. Both of these things will add value to an item.

Stadium Items

Seats, signs, and other stadium items are rare and can be very valuable, especially when they are historical pieces.

Bobble Heads

These are most valuable when in a complete set. Look for ones that are still in the original packaging.

Game-used Equipment

Balls, helmets, and shoes are all valuable memorabilia, especially when signed.

Price and Valuation

All Jacksonville Jaguar fans interested in collecting memorabilia need to know how much a certain piece of memorabilia should sell for. A good idea on how to check what the price of a certain item should be is to go to a local sports memorabilia retailer to see what their memorabilia goes for, or go to a memorabilia auction and see how much people bid on certain items. Another way to check what the price of a certain item should be is to consult different price guides such as the Beckett price guide or the LovetoKnow price guide. Either one is a great source when it comes to checking what a fair price should be. It is also good to know who the top players are because their memorabilia will be the most valuable.


When it comes to buying autographed memorabilia there are a few things you need to think about. The first thing to consider is who signed the item. Does that player have a good record, do the fans like that player, and has that player been inducted into the Hall of Fame? Any fan buying an autographed item should also check to see how many players have signed the item. The more signatures there are doesn’t always mean more value. For example, in a case where there was a signed football by Joe Montana and another signed football by Tony Boseili and Guy Whimper the football signed only by Tony Boseili would be worth more to most people because not everyone knows who Guy Whimper is, and if they do they don’t want his autograph. Another thing to take into consideration is the number of signatures a certain player has signed. The fewer signatures a player gives out, the more his signature is worth. Lastly, consider whether the item been personalized. Personalizing the signature lessens the value of the item.




The age of the memorabilia helps determine the overall value.


The better the condition of the memorabilia, the higher the value will be.


The amount available of a certain piece of memorabilia also factors into the worth of that item. The less there is, the higher the value will be.


When a piece of memorabilia is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, its value will be increased.

How to Prevent Buying Fradulent Memorabilia

Unfortunately, when it comes to sports memorabilia fraudulent items are rampant, and it is crucial that you protect yourself from becoming a victim. The best way to protect yourself is to do your homework and research the dealer you are buying the memorabilia from. Check any reviews that are online about the memorabilia dealer. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity and check its source. All autographed memorabilia should be signed in front of a third party and given a number, which is then entered into a database and given a certificate of authenticity. These databases are becoming more mainstream and generally the first place companies will go to help determine if a piece of memorabilia is authentic or not.

How To Maintain Your Jacksonville Jaguars Collection

It is important for all Jacksonville Jaguar fans to maintain their memorabilia collections and protect them from damage. No matter if it is a signed Tony Boseili football or a signed Fred Taylor jersey, there are things you can do to protect them and make sure they maintain their value. For instance, don’t wear a signed jersey around the house, but rather display it in a glass case so that it is protected from outside elements. If displaying a piece of memorabilia, never place it in the path of direct sunlight because the UV rays will damage the item. Also, do not shine fluorescent lights on a piece of memorabilia because they also cause UV damage to the item. The only light that is safe to use when displaying memorabilia is incandescent light. This type of light will not cause any UV damage to your items. When it comes to framing an item, it is best to buy the item pre-framed. If you don’t buy the item pre-framed it is good to go to a person who specializes in framing sports memorabilia to frame the item. Try and stay away from the cheaper framing stores because some of the matting used in these stores can actually cause damage to the memorabilia. Also, don’t have any memorabilia touch the glass of the frame because this can do damage to the printing. If the memorabilia is stored, it is a good idea to store it in a safe. Not only are safes airtight and water resistant, most are also fireproof too. This will keep the memorabilia safe from water damage, mold, animals such as rodents, and fire. If a safe is not available then an airtight container will do just fine.

How To Find Jacksonville Jaguar Memorabilia

Once you have decided what type of memorabilia you are looking to buy, there are a number of places you can begin to look. Check local sports memorabilia retailers and go to some local trade shows. Not only will you get a feel for what is out there but you will also have the chance to meet other local collectors and retailers who can be helpful in building your Jacksonville Jaguar collection. Ebay is another great place to start. Once on eBay’s home page, go to the Collectibles & Art tab, click on the Sports Memorabilia, Card and Fan Shop tab here is where you will find all types of memorabilia such as Trading Cards, Autographs, Apparel and much more . Click on the type of memorabilia you want to buy and you are ready to begin your search.

Know the Seller

When buying Jacksonville Jaguar memorabilia it is a good idea to research the seller as well so you know what you can expect. Some of the things to take into consideration are the terms the seller has put on the purchase. Is the seller providing a money back guarantee. Also read any reviews that are given and any feedback ratings that are offered.


There are all types of sports memorabilia out there, and that especially goes for the Jacksonville Jaguars. So when in the market to buy sports memorabilia try to keep the following things in mind. Know all about the specific team and players that the memorabilia is for. When buying anything autographed, make sure the autograph is clear and not smudged and that you get a certificate of authentification. You also want to check a couple of price guides like the Beckett Price Guide and go to some local memorabilia retailers and auction houses to see what certain items go for before you buy any memorabilia. No one wants to get stuck overpaying. Lastly try to maintain the collection so that it is around for a very long time. If the memorabilia is being displayed pick a good location out of direct sunlight and if storing the memorabilia pick a good container to prevent damage while stored. Follow these simple tips and any sports fan will be sure to have peace of mind when buying memorabilia.

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