IoT Project: A Smart Room

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Room Environment Data

People's health and abilities are influenced by the rooms environmental condition. People are aware of the temperature and humidity but carbon dioxide also has a strong effect on humans even if they are not aware of it.

Various sensors are required to get a complete picture of a room environment. So how about using the Internet of Things (IoT) approach to connect a complete room and its environmental status to the Internet?

What to measure?

Here is a selection of parameters that might be relevant:

1. Time: every measurement should have a time stamp with a resolution of 1-10sec. Some parameters can change very fast such as sound. But even temperature can change significantly within a couple of seconds. So real time data acquisition is an important factor.

2. Temperature: A main factor of wellbeing and should be between 20-23°C.

3. Humidity: A main factor of wellbeing and should be between 40-60%. Low humidity helps spreading diseases and slightly increased humidity prevents this.

4. Carbon Dioxide: A main factor of wellbeing and should be as low as possible.

5. Movement (PIR): detection if the room is occupied. Allows checking other sensors. For example CO2 increase in an unoccupied room in could mean that the CO2 sensor is broken.

6. Sound: Might be a stress factor. Distinction between “speech”, low frequency noise and high frequency noise should be made. Comparison to db(A) and db(C) standards.

7. Air pressure: Some people are sensitive to weather change. If people are stressed by pressure change other factors may be changed positively to offset the pressure change stress

8. Air flow: A main factor of wellbeing. Very difficult to measure.

9. Electromagnetic radiation: The typical room has one or more radiating devices. Each device can emit several frequency bands (GM, UMTS, Bluetooth, WIF) and it would be very interesting to measure peak radiation levels.

10. Light: A main factor of wellbeing but not easy to measure. There are many parameters such as ambient light intensity, light angle, light color (color temperature). Its an important psychological factor and important for visibility “all we can see is light”.

Collecting Data

There are a few parameters that are easy to measure but some sensors are very costly or difficult to installation. The Arduino MEGA is a good platform to connect all those sensors because it has several serial ports and analog channels.

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