Innovico Surplus ebay shop review - bad experience!

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Being very unsatisfied and annoyed with the way Innovico surplus ebay shop dealt with me, this review is to report my bad experiences with Innovico Surplus.

It is incontestable that Innovico Surplus ebay shop offers goods at great prices. As I was searching for a Canon NB-2LH battery, I had a look at the shop and found an offer which convinced me, especially because of the capacity of 2000mAh:

NB 2LH 2000mAh Battery for Canon EOS 350D 400D SLR S80 for as little as GBP 0.49.

Well, the shipping costs were GBP 5.99, which in my eyes seemed to be ok. Thus I ordered the battery. It took more than 2 weeks to arrive (Royal Mail stats 4-5 days). Finally, I was happy the battery was here and instantly tested it. It worked, but never ever had the capacity stated on the website.

To be sure to get my money refunded I contacted Paypal. On their website I contacted the seller many times and never got any replies there, only two private emails. This process took about 2 weeks. Finally, they suggested sending the battery back to them. In addition I was assured they would refund the money for sending the item back as well. As I was told to I used the RMA-form, included the receipt for the postage (CHF 19.00, package signed with track & trace) and sended the battery back to Jersey.

I didn't get any notice that the package had arrived. I had to email them again that the Swiss Post track and trace website indicated the battery was there and that I want the returning fee to be refunded. The reply was, that they were in possession of the package, but that there had not been any receipt in it. Well, this was a lie. As I had a 2nd receipt I scanned it and emailed it. That's it.

The money I spent on returning post has never been refunded, although I was assured Innovico would do it. In addition they haven't replied to my emails.

SO BE AWARE: Never send back items to Innovico Surplus. It will cost you more than the article and shipping costs!

The money initially payed for the battery and shipping was refunded by Paypal, no problem and no long waiting time.

I hope this review will help you when you are deciding whether to buy from Innovico Surplus ebay shop or not. Thank you for reading.

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