How to make yellowed decals look like new again

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Who does not know it? You buy a model kit looking forward to building it only to find out that the decals (decals) are yellowed. This is certainly an eyesore, but in the end no problem. With a little time and patience you can get them clean looking again.
To make the decals look like new again, you must do the following:
Place the decal sheet for at least 3 weeks in direct sunlight. The best results are obtained by subjecting the sheet longer than a month in direct sunlight. The easiest way is to put the sheet in a sheet protector with the pictures directed outwards and fixed on a window with tape. The tray on the dashboard of a car can also be used very well. Provided, of course, the car is parked outdoors and  gets sunlight.
With a little patience and a very small amount of work you can get back fresh shiny decals.
I hope that this litte tip helps you to prevent anger and to continue modelling.
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Have fun modelling (with fresh decals)!

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