How to Buy Golf Memorabilia on eBay

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Fans of professional golf often enjoy collecting various examples of golf memorabilia. These items can be proudly displayed at home or in the office. Collectors will find that eBay has a wide range of items from which to choose. Autographed PGA course flags and equipment used by notable players are among the obtainable offerings. With so many items available, narrowing down the options can be tricky. Some buyers start by choosing a favorite player to focus on. Others seek out only the rarest items. Those who are just starting out often stick to memorabilia that is easier to find, such as golf balls, tees, and photographs. eBay shoppers may decide they want to search the product listings for a particular type of memorabilia. They can browse a wide selection to find various worthwhile items for their collection. Buyers will quickly discover that there are a number of approaches to finding and buying golf memorabilia on eBay. 

Categories of Golf Memorabilia

Fans will find there is no shortage of golf memorabilia for the avid collector. Items can be broadly classified into several categories. These include memorabilia relating to a particular golfer and items linked to an important golf tournament. Another popular category is autographed golf memorabilia. Since the game of golf has been around for over 100 years, there are plenty of antique pieces as well. Collectors often aim to build a well-rounded group of golf-related items including pieces that fall into each of these memorabilia categories.

Autographed Golf Memorabilia

Like any sport, fans of golf are most interested in the individuals who have made it big in the golf world. The careers of PGA and LPGA champions are closely scrutinized by those with a love of the game. Memorabilia relating to certain golfers becomes more desirable and valuable with each title earned. Golf balls and other items autographed by important golfers are highly sought after as collectibles. Fans enjoy these items because they have a direct link to their favorite players. As one of the most well known golfers in the world, Tiger Woods signed memorabilia is easy to find, but rather costly. Collectors often look for autographs from past greats like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Examples of items signed by professional golfers include magazines, trading cards, photographs, and tournament flags. When shopping for autographed golf memorabilia, buyers are advised to check on authenticity.

Authentication of Signed Memorabilia

To verify that an autograph is authentic and original, buyers should look for a certificate of authenticity (COA). This document proves that a third-party authenticator has certified the signature. A COA is issued immediately if the authenticator is present at the autograph session. Signed golf memorabilia can also be authenticated after the fact if the owner wishes to sell. Photos of a star golfer signing an item for a fan are one way for that individual to prove the authenticity of memorabilia.

Framed Golf Memorabilia

Framed pieces are perfect for buyers that like to display their signed golf memorabilia for others to see. For easy hanging, some collectors like to find autographed photographs that are already framed and mounted. Sport collectibles firms often marry up several pieces of golf memorabilia into limited edition mounted displays. These can include items like photographs, trading cards, autographs, and scorecards from a specific tournament. Buyers may also be interested in framed prints of paintings showcasing famous golf courses along with autographs of championship winners.

Tournament Memorabilia

Professional golf tournaments are often grouped into events known as golf tours, each limited to men, women, players over the age of 50, or players from a certain country. Most noteworthy are the PGA and LPGA tours, along with the European and Champions tour. As players rise in the ranks, they earn the privilege to participate in increasingly prominent tournaments. Some major events on the PGA tour, such as The Masters, are invitation-only. Other events, like the Ryder Cup, only occur every two years, and pit players from rival countries or areas against one another.

Fans who play golf may enjoy golf ball markers and mallet covers commemorating a particular tournament. Keepsakes from golf tours, such as programs and tickets, are also considered memorabilia. Golf flags, which mark the holes on a golf course, are coveted pieces of tournament nostalgia, especially when autographed. Some examples even feature signatures from a number of past champions. Collectors tend to focus on tournament memorabilia from the most prestigious championship events. Another approach is to locate items from tournaments remembered for important moments in golf history.

Antique and Golf Memorabilia

With a rich history dating back over 100 years, there are some collectors who prefer antique golf memorabilia to contemporary items. Shopping for antique equipment will be much easier if buyers first become familiar with important developments in the game. Certain characteristics will help shoppers identify original antique equipment.

Antique Golf Balls

Golf balls have evolved quite a bit over the years, and early examples are prized among collectors. The following chart explains several types of antique golf balls that buyers can look for. 

Type of Antique Ball


Time Period

Feathery Cube

Leather ball stuffed with feathers; often covered with resin or paint; expensive and laborious to produce

Used until the mid-1800s

Gutta - Percha

Nicknamed gutty balls; made from Malaysian tree gum; more durable and less inexpensive to produce than the feathery

Introduced in 1848

Pocked Gutty

Intentional surface patterns for truer flight; also known as hand-hammered guttys; most popular pattern was called the bramble

Began in the late 1800s


Made of rubber thread wound around solid rubber core; introduction of Balata cover in early 1900s; dimpled precursor to today’s golf ball

Invented in 1898

Some antique golf balls bear a maker’s mark, which is helpful for identification. Balls with a maker’s mark tend to be more valuable than those without one. Buyers should be aware that there are also numerous reproduction antique golf balls on the market. These reproductions can look quite convincing, so shoppers should always research rare items thoroughly.

Antique Golf Clubs

Antique golf clubs are another favorite among collectors. Made until the 1930s, the value of antique wood golf clubs varies greatly. The most desirable models are the least common and hardest to find. Buyers looking for rare wood shaft clubs should look at the face marks on the iron. Less common models will have unusual face marks or no marks at all. Wooden head putters and irons with unusually shaped heads are rare finds as well. Some vintage steel shaft clubs are also considered collectible. Scarce models from prior to 1945 often have the highest value. Though most are purchased for display, some older "classic" models of steel shaft clubs are still used on the course. There are many historically important names for buyers to look for when browsing antique golf clubs, including:

  •     Anderson
  •     Ayres
  •     Spalding
  •     Forgan
  •     Wright & Ditson
  •     MacGregor
  •     Stewart
  •     Gibson

    Placing a Value on Golf Memorabilia

    While antique and vintage golf memorabilia can be very valuable, some newer items are also worth quite a bit. Aside from desirability, several factors influence the value of a specific item. Autographed memorabilia from stars in the golf world tends to be expensive. Additionally, items connected to important championship tournaments often sell for considerable sums of money. With the help of price guides, buyers can try to pinpoint an average price range for an item they are interested in purchasing. They may also want to ask an appraiser or memorabilia dealer for advice. This could be especially helpful for people who are interested in rare items. When searching eBay for golf memorabilia, shoppers have the opportunity to check the Completed Listings. This allows buyers to see the selling price of any similar items sold recently.

    Buying Golf Memorabilia on eBay

    If you are interested in buying golf memorabilia, a number of relevant items can be found on eBay. You can start by browsing various categories to find the items you like best. You can also choose to search for specific types of memorabilia. Any potential purchase can be monitored on a Watch List. eBay also allows you to compare items you are watching. If a piece of golf memorabilia will be given as a gift, eBay offers buyers the unique opportunity to share the cost of an item with multiple people.

    Searching for Golf Memorabilia on eBay

    Searching a few important keywords will usually help you find what you want to buy on eBay. If you already have a very specific item in mind, use eBay’s advanced search to find relevant auction listings. If you just want to browse, you can start by checking out golf-related items in the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop. Golf memorabilia is located in several subcategories, including:

  •     Cards
  •     Fan Apparel & Souvenirs
  •     Autographs
  •     Vintage Sports Memorabilia
  •     Game - Used Memorabilia

    Watching and Comparing Items

    If you find there are several items that interest you, add them to your Watch List. This way, you can keep an eye on the current price as the auction progresses. When you watch items, you can compare their various features side-by-side. You also have the option to be automatically notified when the status of an item changes.

    Arranging a Group Gift

    A piece of golf memorabilia might be the perfect gift for someone you know. When you and a group of friends, family members, or coworkers wants to split the cost of a present, use the Group Gift feature. This option is currently available for fixed - price items only.

    The Group Gift Process

    Begin by clicking the "Start a Group Gift" button found in any eligible auction listing. After a quick setup, each member of the group is then invited to contribute his or her fair share. As the organizer, you can track payments, and no one is charged until everyone pays. Once all funds are received, the money is sent to your PayPal account, and you can check out as usual.


    Buyers are likely to find a number of desirable pieces of golf memorabilia on eBay. By searching the eBay auctions and Stores, shoppers can locate listings for many specific golf-related items. Fans often focus on collecting authentic pieces of memorabilia autographed by champions. Items originating from important tournaments are also popular. Antique golf memorabilia is prized for its historical link to the game. The evolution of golf equipment can be tracked through antique balls and vintage clubs. eBay allows buyers to watch listings for easy navigation and follow up on potential purchases. By using this feature, comparison shopping is also possible. If a fixed-price item will be purchased as a gift, the buyer even has the option to share the costs with a group. With so many beneficial tools and buying options, eBay is a sensible place to start browsing for golf memorabilia.

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