How to Buy Basketball Shoes on eBay

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Youths from around the world play basketball at school, in youth clubs, and at local parks. Many idolize their favorite professional basketball players and wear their jerseys and signature basketball shoes. However, before buying basketball shoes for either basketball use or everyday use, make sure to research different types of shoes, and learn how to measure for the correct size shoe. Also, learn about the different brands and places to find and buy basketball shoes, such as at local sporting good stores or online marketplaces like eBay.

History of Basketball Shoes

Over the long history of basketball shoes, almost 100 years, distinctive eras are evident. The table below lists the different eras of basketball shoes, including time frame and description. Shoe shoppers can use this table to better understand basketball shoes and how to find the perfect pair.




Classic Era


Initially, Converse shoes dominated the market for more than 40 years, being supplanted in the 1960s when manufacturers starting using leather to manufacture basketball shoes.

Jordan Era


This era included the Air Jordan and Reebok Pump. Initially fined for his signature basketball shoe, Michael Jordan’s shoes eventually typified what everyone wanted in their basketball shoes.

Golden Era


It was during this period, after Michael Jordan’s (first) retirement, that many innovations were implemented as shoe companies rushed to fill the gap that Michael Jordan left. Almost every new shoe released was a success due to new technologies, materials, and design concepts. It was also during this time that many new shoe deals were signed with popular professional basketball stars.

Throwback Era


During this era, shoe companies started to market already-released shoe designs. Calling them throwbacks, these old classics were released in almost every color imaginable. Not many innovations took place during this era. The most notable innovation was the Nike Shox.

New Marketing


In the current era, demand for both classic and new technology shoes remains high. Prices have also risen dramatically. While the modern basketball shoe design centers on technology and performance, branding remains crucial for sales as well.

With the release of newer technology each year, basketball shoes have come to be about what the next big technology will be, and even though prices keep rising, the popularity of basketball shoes keep them a hot ticket item. Even today, past favorites such as Air Jordans are still big sellers in shoe stores everywhere.

Discover Basketball Shoes

Picking the right style of basketball shoe for a particular game style is important. The number of different styles of shoes available continues to grow with each passing year. The sections below provide shoppers information on how to measure for a basketball shoe, the popular styles available, and how to keep basketball shoes clean and in prime condition.

What to Look for in a Basketball Shoe

Basketball players should consider more than look and fit when shopping for basketball shoes. This section details what shoppers should look for in a basketball shoe, including durability and breathability.




More durable basketball shoes last players a long time, saving them money. Look for shoes from quality brands and made from materials that stand up to extended use.

Stability and Support

Total foot support is also important. This includes the necessary padding to distribute a player’s weight as they run, jump, and land on the court, as well as good ankle, heel, and foot support. Also, look for an excellent lacing system.


Basketball shoes should also consist of breathable materials, such as leather, mesh, or nylon. This allows players to remain cooler while they play on the basketball court.

As demonstrated in the list above, shoppers should look at more than just how a pair of basketball shoes looks on the outside. Use the table above to help select the right basketball shoe.

Basketball Shoe Construction

A basketball shoe has specific areas that help define a specific shoe’s purpose: power, speed, or all-around use.



Shoe Cut

Basketball shoes come in three different cuts. High-tops give maximum ankle support and are preferred by power and all-around players. Mid-tops are best suited for speed players. Low-tops are light and don’t offer the support of the other two cuts. Only a small percentage of players choose these cuts.


Leather and synthetic mesh or all mesh shoes have virtually replaced all-leather shoes. These new materials give the shoe stability while still allowing the shoe to breathe.

Closure System

Basketball shoes feature a wide variety of closure systems, including laces, straps, and zippers.

Cushioning Materials

The type of cushioning materials used in a basketball shoe affects the overall support provided and also can change the shoe’s stability.


The outsole, or rubber bottom of a shoe, gives added stability when cutting on the court, allowing for quick stops and starts.

A well-balanced shoe allows players to play up to their true potential. Shoppers can use the areas of shoe construction above to help them judge the overall value of a shoe when it comes to performance on the basketball court.

Measuring for the Correct Size of Basketball Shoe

The most important part of picking out the perfect basketball shoe is to measure for a good fit. Incorrectly sized basketball shoes affect performance on the court. Using the steps below, players can get the perfect fit for their basketball shoe.

Tools Required

To properly measure shoe size, utilize the following tools:

  •     Cloth measuring tape or ruler
  •     White paper
  •     Pencil

    Steps for Measuring Shoe Size

    Use the two-step process below to measure for correct shoe size. Take foot measurements at the end of the day when the foot is the largest. Also, wear socks typically worn with shoes when measuring.



    Step 1

    While sitting, shoppers should trace the outline of their foot on a piece of white paper with a pencil.

    Step 2

    For the length, measure the distance on the tracing between the two longest points of the shopper’s foot with a cloth tape measure or a ruler. Reduce this measurement by ? of an inch.

    Be sure to measure both feet and go with the largest measurement.

    Shoe Size Chart

    Use the men’s shoe size chart below to get the right shoe fit. The chart includes measurements in inches and the corresponding U.S. and Euro sizes.


    U.S. Size

    Euro Size

    9 ?


    37 ½

    9 ½

    6 ½


    9 ?


    38 ½

    9 5/16

    7 ½




    39 ½

    10 ?

    8 ½


    10 ?


    40 ½

    10 ½

    9 ½


    10 ?


    41 ½

    10 ?

    10 ½




    42 ½

    11 ?

    11 ½


    11 ?


    43 ½

    11 ½

    12 ½


    11 ?


    44 ½

    When measuring for a basketball shoe, allow for a thumbnail’s length of space between the top of the big toe and the end of the shoe. Also, the shoe should fit comfortably without stretching the upper part of the shoe over the midsole of the shoe, and the heel should move but not slip.

    Popular Shoe Brands

    While there are many popular basketball shoe brands on the market, here are five of the top manufacturers:

  •     Adidas
  •     Converse
  •     New Balance
  •     Nike
  •     Reebok

    Find Basketball Shoes on eBay

    Once you know what type of basketball shoes you want to purchase, go to the Sporting Goods portal on eBay, click Team Sports, then click Basketball. After that, click Clothing, Shoes & Accessories and finally click S hoes, and start searching for basketball shoe listings.

    eBay Keyword Search for Basketball Shoes

    There are multiple ways to search eBay listing, including searching titles for specific words. Also, consult eBay’s Search Tips page for more advice on searching for basketball shoes with keywords. Try shopping eBay Stores if you can’t find the exact basketball shoes you want to buy.

    Buy Basketball Shoes Online With Confidence

    Before bidding, make sure to read the details in the basketball shoes listings, including if the seller covers delivery costs. If buying a more expensive pair of shoes, such as Nike Zoom Kobe VII Year of the Dragon Limited Edition basketball shoes, ask the seller if the shoes will be insured during shipping. For more information about basketball shoes, ask questions by clicking the Ask a Question link found on each listing page. The last step to complete your purchase: Make a bid or click the Buy It Now or Best Offer buttons.

    Know the eBay Seller

    Remember that thoroughly reading the seller’s listing page helps ensure a positive and secure transaction when purchasing basketball shoes. It is helpful to ask these questions of the seller when considering making a purchase:

  • What is the seller’s feedback rating on previous transactions involving basketball shoes and other products?
  • Does the seller offer a money-back guarantee for products sold on eBay?
  • What are the terms and conditions of purchasing the seller’s products on eBay?


    Buying the right pair of basketball shoes can really improve a player’s game or just gives shoe wearers the look they want. A great-fitting basketball shoe with proper support and grip provides improved speed and cutting power, as well as overall comfort.

    However, before buying basketball shoes on eBay, remember to investigate available options, including learning about the different types of basketball shoe styles, how they are constructed, how to properly measure for basketball shoe size, and how to buy basketball shoes safely and securely on eBay.

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