Gemstone Healing Properties, Mythology and History

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I have always been enthralled with gemstones and their ancient metaphysical and healing properties.  I've used gemstone for this purpose for over 17 years, knowingly, but unknowingly I've collected minerals and gemstones my whole life.  During my rock hunting days I collected different shapes, colors, and aesthetically pleasing stones.  I didn't realize it at the time when I was 7 that different stones made me feel elated. Well, I have put together with personal use and research some gemstones that will possibly do the same for you.  Try Earths greatest and oldest gifts for yourself, you won't be disappointed.  I have to stress that as a society we have 'progressed' medically with pills, surgery, and in psychology, so don't turn off your medical advice just to try something different, I say do both, it can't hurt so don't do anything that will make your personal situation worse use common sense in life always.  Thank you for your interest and visit my blogs for some interesting gemstone spells, cleansings, and information. 

 I will be bring gemstone spell kits soon, it takes a few cycles to make some of the oils and potions so in September 2012 I will be launching some very useful and beautiful gemstone spell kits.

I have so many stones and meanings to add to this guide so keep checking back and if you have a particular stone you wish to know about send a message my way!



Amethyst symbolizes power, peace, protection, and spirituality.  Amethyst is a great clarity stone absorbing any negativity in your area.  Grab an amethyst geod and place it on your mantle or in various places throughout your house.  Most importantly, watch the color, when the color starts to fade perform a cleansing by using sage on them.  Fall asleep with amethyst to ward off nightmares and induce prophetic dreams.  I start off with amethyst because it is one of the most useful and powerful soothing stones it can banish sorrow, enhance metal powers, and aids in spiritual and psychic development.  On the heath side, amethyst is said to ward off headaches, relieve arthritis, strengthen the skeletal system, and prevent insomnia.  Wearing amethyst as an amulet is said to attract true love and prosperity.  Really amethyst is an invaluable gemstone for everyone's collection. 

Amethyst cont.

Amethyst is particularly effective in meditation and psychic work to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience.  It also brings memories of past worlds and past lives if placed in the center of the brow.

Mythology and History

Amethyst is considered to be the stone of St. Valentine and of faithful lovers. St. Valentine wore this stone carved with an image of a cupid as a ring.  The Greeks believed this stone was effective against drunkenness--hence the name amethustos, which means not to be drunk.  The ancient Greeks believed that drinking wine from a cup of amethyst would make them immune to intoxication.

According to another ancient myth, amethyst was created by Dionysus, God of fruitfulness and wine.  Angered by the purity of a young woman named Amethyst, who preferred to pay homage to the goddess Diana, he ordered  ferocious tigers to devour her.  Diana came to her rescue, transforming Ametyst into white quartz.  Overcome with remorse, Dionysus shed tears into his goblet of red wine. Some wine spilled, running onto the white stone, which absorbed its color, creating the stone amethyst.

Amethyst is also the stone of integrity and was worn by Egyptian soldiers in battle so they would not lose courage in dangerous situations.  In the Christian Church, amethyst was the gem of purity and is associated with bishops.

Amethyst is the stone of the Buddha and is often used in Buddhist prayer beads.  In Northern Africa it is a rainmaking stone, and is dropped into water by medicine men and women.



Bloodstone aka heliotrope, has been used by practitioners of the magickal arts for more than 3,000 years.  Yes over 3,000 years used in magic, longer than any other religion because magic is the oldest religion, in fact, most religions now derive from Wiccan religion.  Catholics have a similar type of alter magic.  Ok enough about religion it ticks people off.  Romans and Greeks carried bloodstone amulets to stimulate prophetic powers, avert lightning, conjure storms or earthquakes, and preserve good health.  Wearing this gem is said to bring riches, good fortune, increase fertility of crops, secure victory in court and legal matters.  A great stone for anyone who has a court date.  On the health side, bloodstone was said to staunch bleeding that's why many warriors in the past would carry them in battles.  Bloodstone is reputed to bring down fevers, cure inflammatory illness, heal tumors, and prevent miscarriages.  Give bloodstone to a person who is seeking victory in court. 

Bloodstone cont....

Sew a bloodstone crystal in the lining of the coat of a child who is being teased or bullied at school.  Bloodstone is recommended for the liver, kidneys, bone marrow and intestines and will help you stay on course if you are beginning a detox.  It is an excellent women's stone, bloodstone relieves menstrual and menopausal symptoms and helps women keep up their strength in labor.

Mythology and History

Bloodstone gets its name from the myth that during Christs crucifixion, blood fell on a green jasper turning it into bloodstone.  Bloodstone was used by the ancient Babylonians in divination and by the Ancient Egyptians to magically defeat enemies. 

According to Greek natural philosopher Damigueron, bloodstone was a preserver of health and offered as protection against deception.

Bloodstone Spell -- fertility

Keep bloodstone close to the body to absorb its fertility energy

  • wear bloodstone jewelry
  • carry it in your pocket
  • carry it in a charm bag


Cat's Eye or Tiger's Eye (Cat's Eye is applied totwo different minerals:  one a variety of chrysoberyl, the other quartz) We will be dealing with the Quartz

A Natural Tiger's Eye is said to help all eye ailments but it is an ancient Evil Eye protector.  Its supernatural powers are said to make its wearer invisible.  I have walked around naked with nothing but tiger's eye on and people did see me, unfortunately, but thinking the whole invisibility over, I realized that tiger's eye makes the wearer invisible not literally but subconsciously.  If you are wanting to step outside and not be bothered by people then wear tiger's eye and people tend to ignore you, making you invisible, helpful in many situations.  It is an ideal stone to work with in rituals involving cat magick or felidomancy, and is popular among many gamblers as an amulet to bring luck in games of chance.  This stone is a must for anyone who attracts the Evil Eye on purpose or accidentally. 

Tiger's Eye cont......

The prosperity bringer, use cat's eye stones at home and work to restore lost fortune or income or to find other sources of making money.  It is a stone used for all those who work at night or travel after dark.

Mythology and History

From early times, cat's eye was believed to protect against the evil eye, to attract fabulous wealth and to make the wearer invisible or to take the form of a cat.  In Burma, cats were believed to be reincarnated priests, and in Egypt the cat goddess Bast.  Cat's eye stones were made into thumb rings by medival archers to give the bowman acute vision, esp. at twilight.

Spell using Tiger's eye/Cat's eye Stones

  • Keep tiger's eye gemstones in the car to prevent accidents.



Wear or carry a piece of pink coral as an amulet to draw love into your life.  Wear or carry a piece of red coral to protect yourself against demonic forces, curses, and the destructive power of the evil eye. Hang a piece of coral any color in your home or office as an amulet to keep evil spirits and negative influences at bay or on your bedpost to ward off nightmares, night sweats, and visitations by succubus or incubus demons 'not the band incubus'.  Place a piece of coral in your automobiles to help guard against accidents and thieves.


Receptive energy ruled by the moon with its' element of water, the powers of this stone include, peace, anti-nightmare, travel, protection, and luck.  Chalcedony, in common with many other stones, banishes fear, hysteria, depression, mental illness and sadness.  An excellent stone for recovery and rehabilitation, promoting a calm and peaceful feeling when worn or held. This stone has history way back in the sixteenth century where it was prescribed by magicians to dissolve illusions and fantasies.  For this purpose, it was pierced and hung around the neck.


Its energy is receptive with its ruling planet of Venus and the element of water.  With its power of peace, wisdom and love, Chrysocolla was once held in the hand to drive off unreasonable fear and illusions.  When worn, the stone grants the power of discretion and increased wisdom.  This stone helps one focus on listening and learning and keeping your mouth closed in order for your mind to absorb the subtle facets of communications.


This stones energy is receptive and its ruling planet is Venus and the element of Earth.  Chrysoprase promotes and brings, luck, happiness, success, friendship, protection, healing, and money.  The apple green form of chalcedony, is worn to lift the emotions to banish greed (we should insist on political powers to wear this stone).   Banishes envy, selfishness, tension, and stress.  It is a cheering stone when worn, and this stone is also used to prevent nightmares.  Chrysoprase goes back to the thirteenth century, and was engraved with the image of a bull and worn to deflect negative energies.  To attract money, well carry or wear this stone at all times.


This stone has a projective energy,  Its ruling planet is the sun and the element of fire with its powers including, anti-nightmare,j protection, and psychism.  Wear this stone at night to remove fear, to prevent nightmares, and ensure a good nights sleep.  This stone a form of quartz, is worn to facilitate psychic awareness.  A great intuition stone. 

Cross Stone

AKA, Cross-stones, fairy crosses, this stones energy is projective and receptive.  Cross Stones powers include elemental magic, elemental power,and luck.  Shamans often include a piece of this stone in their medicine or power bags, and it is a favorite item to exchange with others during "giveaways."  This stone is a form of andalusite (a gem quality gemstone, you must see this gem it's beautiful and it shifts colors.  I will be selling some in my store).  A top gem cutter must be used when cutting the cross stone, due to its difficult cross sections.



Diamonds are known as 'the king of the crystals,' the diamond is a highly valued gemstone that symbolizes peace, fidelity, innocence, and serentiy.  Its magical and amuletic uses have many.  However, ancient legend holds that the mystical powers of this gem are activated only when it is freely given.  Diamonds were used as an amulet against demons, cowardice, plague, pestilence, and sorcery back it the middle ages. And according to medieval legend, to ward off enemies, madness, and all wild and venomous beasts, you hold the diamond in your left hand as you recite the paternoster or the Lords Pryaer.  Wear or carry a diamond as an amulet to conquer infertility, reconcile quarreling lovers, prevent nightmares, balance both positive and negative energies, and inspire confidence, divine wisdom, and consciousness.  Wear a diamond and Tiger's eye to improve vision.


The emerald is said to symbolize peace, love, and eternal life. Emerald amulets are believed to calm storms at sea and protect pregnant women against miscarriages.  The popular and curious belief that an emerald placed under the tongue could enable a mortal man to prophesy is one that dates back to ancient times. Wear or carry it as an amulet to bring good luck, dispel negativity, or strengthen love, intelligence, eloquence, and popularity.  The emerald is believed to facilitate psychic awareness when held over the Third Eye chakra, and, when set in a ring of silver or copper and worn on the finger, it reputedly shields the wearer against poisons, strengthens the memory, protects against demonic possession, and ensures success in affairs of business as well as love. Emerald is another great eye healer. 



Also known as fairy shot, elf shot, and elf arrow, the flint was once used in Ireland as an amulet for protection against mischievous fairies and elves.  Shamans throughout the world have employed this stone in rituals to exorcise earthboud spirits form haunted places.  Flint has also been used as a talisman to bring intellectual, psychological, rational, and physical strength during confrontations, arguments, and disputes.  Wear or carry a flint as an amulet for protection against evil forces, to ward off nightmares, and to overcome shyness.  As a healing stone, flint is reputed to treat kidney stones, skin lesions, indigestion and disorders of the lungs and liver.



Also known as fluorspar, fluorite is a stone possessing stabilizing energies and the ability to strengthen the effects of other stones.  It is said to increase psychic awareness and cosmic understanding when placed of the Third Eye chakra during meditation.  Wear or carry fluorite as an amulet to bring order to chaos, improve concentration, strengthen analytical abilities, or encourage and sustain good health.  Blue fluorite sharpens one's communicative skills, green fluorite eliminates nagative vibrations, and purple fluorite facilitates clairvoyant abilities.



Garnet is said to be a balancer of the yin and yang energies.  Garnet increases psychic sensitivity and sexual energy, protects the wearer from all dangers when traveling and according to thirteenth century belief, repels insects.  An ideal gemstone to use during meditative rituals, and can be worn in the form of amuletic jewelry to attract sexual love or a soulmate.  You can place a garnet beneath your pillow to prevent nightmares and guard against evil spirits of the night.  Garnets are used to draw good luck and ensure success in all endeavors, wear a garnet engraved with the symbol of a lion.  Such amulets are said to have been very popular in the Middle Ages.  To attract a lover, wear a heart shaped garnet or place it in a red bag and place it over your heart.  Garnets have been used to treat ailments as skin conditions and disorders of the spine and spinal fluid, bone, cellular structure and compostition, heart, lungs, and blood.



Hematite is said to enhance mental capability, balance the yin and yang energies, dispel negativity, and strengthen one's power of self control.  A larger piece of this stone can be used as a speculum for scyring.  As a healing stone, the hematite is reputed to be beneficial in treating such ailments as insomnia, leg cramps, headaches, anemia and other blood disorders.  Hematite is a great grounding stone along with the Black Onyx.
*On a personal note:  I have used this gemstone in court hearings (for favorable outcomes) and I use this gemstone in many of my pieces to induce a calm anti-anxiety feeling.  This is one on my favorite gemstones.



Jade symbolizes tranquility and wisdom, and in China it was once believed to impart immortality.  It is also said to reflect nine of the highest attainments of humanity, which are benevolence, knowledge, righteousness, virtuous action, purity, endurance, ingenuousness, moral conduct, and music.  Chinese men and women wear jade in the shapes of various animals in the belief that they imparted longevity.  Wear or carry jade to attract love, guard against accidents, increase the amount of your wealth, preserve good health, or hasten the body's natural healing process.  Jade is also used to protect against nightmares, place a piece of jade under your pillow.  As a healing stone jade is reputed to stimulate healthy hair, soothe the skin, dissolve kidney stones, and treat disorders associated with the heart, hips, bladder, and spleen.



Jadeite a form of jade and occurs in various shades of green as well as other colors.  Mayan and Aztec cultures used the stone for magic and bringing fruition in the times of need.  Jadeite is beneficial as an amulet to improve dysfunctional relationships. 



Ancient Egyptians used the jasper as a healing amulet, while the medicine men of some Native American tribes used jasper as a magickal stone to bring rain.  Jasper is also an energizing gemstone that balances the yin and yang energies, provides protection, and strengthens the intellect when worn as an amulet with certain Cabalistic inscriptions.  Jasper has long been used to counteract the power of the evil eye.  Green jasper is said to repel ghosts, bring down fevers, protect against serpent bites, and brings a restful sleep.  Mottled jasper is worn to prevent drowning, and red jasper is used to deflect cures and psychic attacts.  Jasper is used to send negative energy back to the original sender.  It should be known that using jasper to send negative energy back to the original sender is not considered ethical in some pagan religions.  This property can be avoided by using an amulet with an alternate type of protection. 



Jet is known as the Exorcism Stone for its alleged power to exorcise both human and nonhuman entities, jet is actually a fossilized wood that resembles black glass.  It has commonly been used as mourning jewelry in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, which led many people to associate jet with death, wakes, and funerals.  Magicians have used jet for centuries as a stone of great protection and during the Middle Ages it was worn as a traveler's amulet to guard against accidents, illness, animal attacks, and violence.  Use in spells to attract money or communicate with the spirits of the dead.  Wear or carry jet as an amulet to strengthen psychic powers, absorb negative energies, ward off the evil eye and guard against demons.  Jet is the bringer of good luck to all persons born under the astorlogical sign of Capricorn.  As a healing stone, jet is powdered and mixed with beeswax to treat tumors.  When jet is worn it is reputed to cure epilepsy, migraine headachs, swollen glands, stomach cramps, and the common cold.  New Age healers carry it to alleviate depression.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli was a stone used by the ancient Egyptians to make blue eye shadow and the Sumerians who used it in the making of magickal cylinder seals carved with the images and symbols of their deities.  Romans believed that powdered lapis lazuli had an aphrodisiac effect when taken internally.  They also used it as an antidote for poison.  Ancient legend holds that an angel presented King Solomon with a magickal lapis lazuli ring, which allowed him to control the legions of demons that he used to construct his great temple.  Lapis was worn around the necks of children as an amulet to drive away frights.  Lapis Lazuli is said to work as a powerful love drawing gemstone and one that strengthens the bonds between lovers.  Lapis lazuli promotes spirituality, aids meditation, and facilitates the psychic powers when placed of the Third Eye chakra.  It is also a popular amulet for amatory enchantment as well as protection against negative influences, psychic attacks, physical danger, and malevolent supernatural forces.  Wear Lapis while you sleep to help you gain a clearer understanding of your dreams.  Lapis lazuli dispels melancholy and is also a powerful good luck charm.  As a healing stone, lapis lazuli was used in the treatment of epilepsy, dementia, and diseases of the spleen.  It is reputed to reduce fevers, strengthen the vision, overcome depression, relieve the symptoms of vertigo, and help mend broken bones. 



Possessing an additional property of polarity magnetites also called lodestone have played an important role in Hoodoo and other folk magick traditions for many centuries.  The ancient Greeks knew them as Heraclean stones.  In olden times amulets made from lodestones were worn to guard against snakebites, and was believed that a lodestone placed in the right ear could enable a mortal man or woman to hear the voices of the Gods.  In the West Indies, it is common for many practitioners for Voodoo and Obeah to carry with them a red charm bag containing two lodestones, one for drawing good luck, and the other for repelling bad luck, curses and evil spirits.  In many parts of the world the lodestone is also a staple of love magick.  Worn in the form of an amulet or carried in a mojo bag with corresponding herbs and other magickal items lodestone helps to attract a lover, a spouse, or a soul mate.  It also works for platonic and same sex relationships.  Wear or carry a lodestone as an amulet to ward off hostile spirits, facilitate astral travel, strengthen memory, draw good luck ,esp gambling or games of chance.  It is widely practiced to feed your lodestone to keep it potent.  Feed your lodestone water and iron filings once a week on a Friday.  As a healing gemstone it is said to alleviate cramps, and relieve the gout when burnt and made into a plaster with wax.  It is also reputed to draw pain and disease from the body and work as a cure for such ailments as male impotency, rheumatism, and headaches.  The lodestone is also said to strengthen the heart and assist in the healing of wounds. 



Malachite is said to be the guardian stone of travelers and children.  Wearing a malachite amulet upon which the symbol of a rayed sun has been carved has long been thought to increase a magician's magickal powers.  Malachite protects against demons and bewitchment, and it is said that one who wears this stone will understand the language of animals and be safeguarded against falls.  Malachite is a stone used to draw love, like the lapis lazuli, malachite dispels melancholy.  Carry malachite to banish negative vibrations and to ward off nightmares.  Carry a piece of malachite in your wallet to draw money to you.  As a healing stone, the malachite is reputed to be effective in the treatment of arthritis, asthma, and tumors. Some believe that it has the power to build up the immune system.



Carrying a moonstone, or wearing any type of silver jewelry in which it is set, enhances the feminine aspects of one's nature, draws love, offers protection against negativity and evil influences, enhances one's psychic abilities, and helps prevent insomnia.  The moonstone is an ideal stone to use when performing spells and rituals in which lunar deities are invoked.  Known in days of old as the 'traveler's stone,' moonstone has long been regarded as a lucky and protective charm for those who travel.  The moonstone is ruled by the Element of Water, so if you have plans to travel over or on any body of water, be sure to wear or carry a moonstone to help keep you safe from whatever perils may lie in wait.  Swimmers should wear a moonstone ring 'for protection in the water.'  According to an ancient book of sorcery, placing a moonstone amulet in your mouth during the full of the moon will empower you with the ability to foretell the future.  Wearing a moonstone ring helps attract a soul mate, inspire tender passions, or protect love.  Carry a moonstone in a mojo bag to attract good luck and prevent nervousness.  The moonstone is a good luck charm for all individuals born under the sign of Cancer. 


According to a 13th century magickal treatise known as "The Book of Wings,"  an onyx upon which has been engraved the image of a camel's head or a pair of goats among myrtles imparts to a magician the power to conjure and control demons.  In the Middle Ages it was commonly believed that the onyx could induce nightmares and melancholy and even render its wearer vulnerable to the assaults of evil natured demons unless it was worn with sard ( also known as 'sardius' or 'Oriental carnilian').  Wear an onyx amulet to ward off misfortune, protect against danger, stimulate the mind, increase spiritual wisdom, or subdue the passions.  The onyx is appropriate for all Saturnian magickal workings and dark moon rituals, and it is said to be the bringer of good luck to all persons born under the astrological sign of Capricorn.  As a healing stone, the onyx is reputed to strengthen the vision, end emotional suffering, cure epilepsy, ease the pain of childbirth, and heal ulcers and all wounds not inflicted by iron.


Sorcerers in ancient times are said to have used enchanted opals wrapped in fresh bay leaves to magickally attain invisibility.  Wear or carry an opal as an amulet to facilitate astral projection, awaken or strengthen clairvoyant powers, balance the psyche, improve the memory, recall past lives, and attract good fortune.  According to occult lore, the opal can also bestow healing power upon its wearer.  This gemstone is ruled by lunar influences, and is therefore sacred to all gods and goddesses associated with the moon.  The opal is a good luck charm for all persons born under the astrological sign of the Libra, while the black opal is said to bring luck to all 12 signs of the zodiac.  Wear or carry a fire opal as an amulet to attract money, a blue opal to activate the Third Eye chakra, a red opal to reduce stress, an Andean opal to facilitate divination, and a water opal to stimulate psychic visions.  As a healing stone, the opal is reputed to purify the kidneys and the blood, reduce fevers, strengthen the vision, and treat Parkinson's disease.


One of the magical virtues of the pearl is its ability to draw love, which is the reason many practitioners of amatory enchantments have valued it as a powerful amulet since early times.  It was once common for women in Italy to wear pearls in their hair to ensure success in romance.  In ancient Rome, dissolved perals were often used as the main ingredient in love potions.  Wear pearls in the form of amuletic jewelry or carry them in charm bags as amulets to increase fertility, guard against shark attacks, strengthen physical powers, instill courage, protect against fire, banish demons, or ward off evil influences.  According to the Hindus, the wearing of yellow pearls draws money.  Pearls are believed to be the bringers of good luck for all persons born under the astrological sign of the Cancer.  As a healing stone, the pearl is reputed to be beneficial for aiding digestion, relieving biliousness, and bloating, and easing the pains of childbirth.


According to ancient magical texts, a peridot set in gold protects its wearer against bewitchment, night terrors, illusions, and the evil eye.  The ancient Romans are said t have worn rings of peridot to calm nerves, dispel melancholy, and aid sleep.  Wear or carry this stone as an amulet to prevent feelings of anger and jealousy or even to draw the love of others.  As a healing stone, the peridot is reputed to heal insect bites, facilitate the birthing process, strengthen the eyes, heal stomach ulcers, and treat disorders of the liver, spleen, heart, lungs, and intestines.

Quartz Crystal

Also known as 'star stone' and 'witch's mirror,' the quartz crystal is a stone possessing great healing and occult powers.  Quartz crystals have been used by various cultures throughout the world as a magical tool for thousands of years.  Wear or carry a quartz crystal as an amulet to facilitate clairvoyance and divinatory abilities, aid meditation, induce prophetic dreams, ward off illness, and protect against psychic attacks and evil spells.  To understand the hidden meanings carried by dreams, sleep with a quartz crystal beneath your pillow.  The rose quartz is potent love stone used to protect and draw love.  Wear or carry tourmalated quartz to stimulate astral projection, rutilated quartz to amplify magical spellwork and energies.  Smoky quartz is a great grounding stone.  As a healing stone quartz crystal is reputed to ease headaches and toothaches, relieve pain, reduce fevers, heal burns, strengthen the immune system, stimulate the thyroid gland and treat respiratory ailments, vertigo, and infections of the bladder and kidneys. 





Check back I'm not done yet!! Please let me know if I spelled something incorrect, thank you!


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