European VS. American Toy Collecting

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Hi  - my name is Mark. I've been living in Germany for 21 years. I've been collecting Star Trek toys at least that long when "Star Trek - The Next Generation" came out. Over the years I was collecting the old fashion way - had to go to tiy stores and pay full retail price for what I wanted. Well since Ebay came out - life got alot easier.

Living in Europe and using German Ebay has confounded me! I don't understand why the people here are willing to pay more for a loose toy than an originally packaged toy. It doesn't matter if it's a Micro Machine or an Action Figure. I can't get 7.49Euro for my in original packaging action figure but the EXACT on with no box or accessories will get MORE! Can someone please explain this to me!!! I'm truley begging for help here folks. Please write comments so I can figure this out.

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