Ensuring Quality of Replacement HiFi-/PA AMP Capacitors

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If You buy upgrade-/ replacement Capacitors for Your HiFi- /PA- Amplifiers, buy a digital capacitance meter with it, to ensure Quality:

1. Power Amps can get fairly hot, so choose a temperature rating of 65°C or above, 105°C rating is recommended for years of endurance.

2. Choose the ratings one rating step higher if in doubt, e.g. 63V instead of 56V and 16000UF for 10000UF (+/-20%).

3. Prefer sellers who provide trackable Manufacturer Information / Known Trade-Mark Labels and engineering grade Product Data Sheets.

4. Always buy in pairs from the same seller and at the same time to avoid getting unbalanced pairs from manufacturing tolerances,
You cannot use unbalanced pairs in split power supplied Amplifiers, distortion will occur at high output load*

5. Verify the rated/offered Capacity of the delivered items with the capacitance meter, Cheap from china, and cheaper than a damaged Amp*

6. On mounting in Power Supply, first test the rated Voltage without any AMP components connected but 2 47R/11Watts, switching the device on and off a 25 times to test the pulse load response of the capacitors, if a fuse blows in the process, unmount and *

7. Do a final test with speakers connected with Audacity on PC/Laptop and the soundcard with voltage divider driving /recording 25/50,30/60Hz (Your regions line AC frequency dependent) signal to/from the Amplifier, looking for (unsymmetric) Vpp waveform distortion over 1%, if there's any below 70% of rated maximum sine wave RMS/IEC/DIN/EN output power of the AMP, unmount the caps and *sent them back to the seller or trash to official city electronic waste disposal if price was cheap, refer to the usual Hifi- Webforums for further assistance and more detailed tests.

8. Repeat this test once a month to get a early warning of failure before a failing capacitor blows the fuses and possibly Your Amp ICs*.

9. Always keep Your remote control in range to be able to switch of fast if smoke or sudden loud low frequent bumps hearable from the speakers*.

10. Your Amp manufacturer's warranty is (and for unprofessionals the fire hazard insurance of their houses) now void, respectively.

11. Don't buy AV- Receivers from manufacturers who want to save a few bucks by using below 10000UF capacitors in non switched power supplies.

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