Mag ich anklicken, wenn dieser Ratgeber hilfreich war

Do you believe in Eternal Life? The Eternal Life is no question of beliefs. It is a matter of possession and of special knowledge. Money is the mother of the advanced knowledge. Knowledge is frequently an orphan.

Anyone is in theory capable of believing. Only the very few would be prepared and can afford to pay. Even less individuals can claim the fatherhood of knowledge. In the recent milennia religious equality has generously spent hope to all social groups with no exception. As a result the Minority was deprived from some traditional priviledges. There is for almost all people no real option for afterlife any more. For most of the creatures there is no real existence in the Life after the birth. Therefore, the contemporary Rich chose to looking for consolation in short lasting material remedies.

Among all precious Goods Love is the most prone to inflation.

The Sectret Holder is no narcissus, has no powers, no servant for help, no spare time. The Sectret Holder is functioning as non-existent, enjoying enough possessions. Therefore, the Secret Holder can exercise silence from the background.

Obviously in the long term there is for the faithful very little hope indeed.





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