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ED HARDY – New fake flood on the market!

Please also read  PART I and PART II of this guide!

If this Fake-or-Not Guide has helped you in learning about the differences of authentic and fake Ed Hardy products, we would be happy to receive a positive feedback from you!

The thread the tags hang on is secured by a plastic emblem, which IS NOT PERFECTLY ROUNDED but always a little off-shaped!
The surface is a little structured and the emblem has a frame. On one side there is the Ed Hardy logo writing „Ed Hardy TM“ and on the other side the Ed Hardy tiger:


FAKE plastic emblem features: Missing frame, smooth surface, writing is upside-down (or respectively the tiger!), evenly round shape, poorly manufactured (plastic left-overs still attached!).
For comparison, here two pics where the authentic tag is on the left, THE FAKE ON THE RIGHT in both pictures:


Fakers often invent their own Ed Hardy tattoo designs and motives. On first sight, they look like Ed Hardy designs, but in fact they don’t have a lot in common with the originals!
Always check on the official Ed Hardy website if the style is even existent in the collection!

Ed Hardy premium prints are of excellent quality and neither feel rubber-like nor firm and unflexible. The authentic prints almost “melt” ino the fabric! The motives are processed on the fabric through a special screen printing technique and Ed Hardy also uses metal foil and flock coating. The screen printing technique allows finest prints with stunning details which you almost can’t feel on the fabric. They are NEVER poorly printed, where the underneath shines though, they don’t become stiff and crack and they are also never ironed prints!!
For FAKERS these printing processes are way to complicated and expensive, so the quality of the print is most telling. Here two fine examples of authentic prints:


The next special thing about Ed Hardy prints is their colour scheme. Fakers don’t manage to imitate the brilliance, intensity and depth of the authentic print colours. Instead, they either look insipid or way to bright!
FAKES feature cheap prints, which you can also recognize by unclear cuts, poor fading and amateurish designd motives. But the most important thing: YOU WILL FEEL IT!
Here for comparison some FAKE PRINTS:


Another ridiculous mistake of some FAKE Ed Hardy styles: “By: Christian Audigier“(!):

 What the heck is the point of the colon??

his guide continues with PART IV !

Protect yourself from fakes and put your trust in us honest sellers on eBay! There is nothing more annoying, than in the end finding out that you have been fooled by a cheap fake! Or even worse: giving it away as a gift!
As the customer you have a lot of possibilities to help yourself and put and end to fake sellers. Don‘t ever allow anyone to intimidate you and don’t accept their „hush-money“! Instead contact the police, talk to your lawyer and inform the German distributor K&K Logistics about the fake seller!
For further questions and information, please get in touch with us.

If this Fake-or-Not Guide has helped you in learning about the differences of authentic and fake Ed Hardy products, we would be happy to receive a positive feedback about it from you!
Thank you!



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