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ED HARDY – New fake flood on the market!

If this Fake-or-Not Guide has helped you in learning about the differences of authentic and fake Ed Hardy products, we would be happy to receive a positive feedback!

Also read PART IIIII and IV of this guide!

For several years now Ed Hardy is one of the hottest labels of the fashion scene and – sadly enough - it became the most faked brand on the market  as well. Fakers and shady sellers keep on copying those stylish t-shirts, sweaters, caps and pants! Besides the obvious fakes, there is also the plague of so-called “parallel” Ed Hardy t-shirts “MADE IN PORTUGAL”, which also count as fakes.

Background: Until a few years ago, Ed Hardy used to produce some of its styles in Portugal, but withdrew the license of the manufacturers after a while. But nevertheless, those guys kept on producing the styles they have been licensed for (e.g. the “Bulldog” t-shirt). Some shops on this platform still have a few  authetic items Made in Portugal (before 2006), but then there are so many other sellers who sell the “parallel” Ed Hardy goods from Portugal which are indeed fakes! The selection range is quite limited though and they usually offer the styles in all sizes and high amounts. These are impossibly all from the time the manufacturers were licensed! The new Ed Hardy collections are ONLY produced in USA!!
Unsually the feedback of fake sellers is quite positive due to the ignorance of the customers, who can’t really tell if a shirt would be a fake or not and also because IF they find out and confront the seller, they would try anything to please the customer! In our test buys, almost all fake sellers offered to pay back even more money than the auction price was and did anything to convince us NOT to give a negative feedback

Received a FAKE? That’s how you should act now:

  • Make an end to this fraud business and expose the seller! Contact the police or a lawyer and don’t agree to any compromises with the scammer, because this only works for the fake seller and will harm the next customer after you!
  • The lawyer’s fees will have to be covered by the seller in that case (according to German law). So don’t be afraid of any costs, this is exactly what the scammers count on!!
  • Besides, in case you got a fake you are entitled to the delivery of the authentic item (could be a nice way to have get yourself an authentic Ed hardy shirt…)!
  • Ask the expert! „K&K Logistics“ is the official distributor of Ed Hardy for Germany. There you can get more information. You should also pass on the identity info of the fake seller to them.
  • Stay firm and don’t allow the seller to threat or intimidate you! YOU are on the safe side if a scammer sold you a cheap fake as an original!

So if you wish to make a good deal on eBay with your favourite brand you can find it here – but only at selected sellers! Given the flood of Ed Hardy fakes on this platform you have to be very careful and considerate before you buy. Approximately 75% of the offered Ed Hardy goods are fakes from Asian faker-manufactures or from the Portugal connection! 
The fake flood is a huge issue for the reputation and profits of the few serious and honest Ed Hardy sellers on eBay. Therefore, we composed this ED HARDY FAKE GUIDE, which may help you to figure out if a purchased item is fake or not.
Rule: ED HARDY is a streetwear premium brand with highest quality standards and a unique design made in USA. This has ist price, also on eBay! Beware of sellers who sell their Ed Hardy products for low prices and who offer the same styles over and over again. It is IMPOSSIBLE to sell authentic Ed Hardy items for cheap prices, especially not the latest collection!

Your check list:
1. Tags, 2. Print quality, 3. Microstitching, 4. Serial number different?, 5. Misspellings


First you should pay attention to all tags of the product because this is wehre fakes still reveal themselves quite often. Check the front and back of the tags again, when the item is delivered and in your hands. Especially the inner tags (with serial number and microstitching) are telling! Wrong colours, wrong placement, spelling mistakes or missing features are definite indications for a fake. Step 2 for you to do is taking a close look on the print.

Serial number tag: Authentic Ed Hardy styles have a tag on the side seams which carries a serial number and a security MICROSTITCHING. Most fakes do copy the microstitching, but they only use a regular silver thread! The original microstitching is much thicker and feels firm. As for the serial number: The fakers mostly use the same number over and over again for different styles!!
The front of the tag is white on top and black on the bottom. The black part carries the logo writing „Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier“ embroidered, NOT printed (!):

Watch the spelling of „Audigier“, some fakers forget the second „i“. Besides, fakers sometimes mix up the white and the black part. BUT: Most authentic jacket styles don’t have the white top on the front of the serial number tag.
On the back of the tag there is the serial number which is always DIFFERENT on a white ground and the security MICROSTITCHING underneath.

The microstitching is made of a firm, almost plastic-like thread and is NEVER just a normal silver, soft thread! Most fakers only sew in a regular thread and that’s it!

Inner tag at collar:  The design of the tags can vary, but here are some features which should appear usually: The Original carries the logo writing on the front, below a typical Ed Hardy motif (e.g. Bulldog, Tiger), the size, “Hollywood”, and the website of the brand:


FAKES can’t copy the fine colour print fo the tag motive yet; most of the times the picture is darker, unsharp and has too much colour contrast. Furthermore, the placement and size of the script fonts are often not correct:

Left the authentic tag, ON THE RIGHT THE FAKE:

The back of the inner tag features the logo writing (mostly with a RED „Ed Hardy“ and a BLACK „by Christian Audigier”). Below that, two style ID-numbers „CA#“ and „RN#“ as well as the care instructions, the notice „Made in USA“ and „Fabrique aux USA“ and the brand’s website (missing in some sweater styles):


Inner tags jackets. The logo writing is stitched on the tag - NOT printed, and the size tag is attached right to it:

At the inner seam of the jackets you will find this tag:

This guide continues with PART II

Protect yourself from fakes and put your trust in us honest sellers on eBay! There is nothing more annoying, than in the end finding out that you have been fooled by a cheap fake! Or even worse: giving it away as a gift! As the customer you have a lot of possibilities to help yourself and put and end to fake sellers. Don‘t ever allow anyone to intimidate you and don’t accept their „hush-money“! Instead contact the police, talk to your lawyer and inform the German distributor K&K Logistics about the fake seller!

For further questions and information, please get in touch with us. If this Fake-or-Not Guide has helped you in learning about the differences of authentic and fake Ed Hardy products, we would be happy to receive a positive feedback about it from you!

Thank you!





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