Detroit Lions Memorabilia Buying Guide

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The Detroit Lions are a professional American football team based out of Michigan. The franchise is a member of the North Division in the National Football Conference (NFC), and the team plays in downtown Detroit at Ford Field. The team was started in 1929 as an independent Ohio team known as the Portsmouth Spartans. The Spartans joined the National Football League (NFL) while other independent teams failed during the Great Depression. Because Portsmouth was the smallest city in the NFL, the team moved to Detroit in order to grow in 1934. The Detroit Lions have four NFL Championships under their belts but have been in a drought since 1957. The team colors are silver, black, white, and Honolulu blue.

Collectors and fans alike can purchase a number of items to support and invest in the Detroit Lions. For fans, there are many ways to show off their appreciation for the Lions with clothing and accessories. For example, there are jerseys, shirts, and hats that all showcase Lions spirit. For collectors and fans, valuable memorabilia includes trading cards, game-used, and autographed memorabilia. Apparel items can be purchased online and in various retail locations that carry NFL gear. Investment memorabilia can be purchased at hobby shops and on various online websites. This buying guide will detail the various types of fan and investor memorabilia. This guide also explains how to navigate eBay in order to confidently find specific types of Detroit Lions items for purchase.

Detroit Lions Apparel

From hats to sandals, the Detroit Lions logo dons apparel to dress fans from head to toe. Jerseys, shirts, hats, necklaces, knits, and lingerie have all been known to sport the famous Lions’ logo. The following will give details on where to find and buy these items in order to support the Detroit Lions.

Lions Jerseys

Detroit Lions jerseys are one of the most popular items of apparel available for fans to show off the team they love. Whether a favorite player is Calvin Johnson, Joey Harrington, or another member of the team, a jersey is available. Detroit Lions’ jerseys come in blue, black, or white. With each shirt, the number sits on the front with two stripes circling each sleeve. On the back, the name is printed across the shoulder blades above the number. Jerseys are usually made of mesh and sized fairly large to be an exact replica.

This large size is because the true NFL players need room to fit in their padding. Replica jerseys are available online and at retail shops that are licensed to sell NFL merchandise. Other than replica jerseys, fans are invited to purchase specialty jerseys. These are Lions jerseys that fans can order with the specific number and name to be printed on the jersey. In this scenario, a person may choose to use their own name or a friend’s name, which makes a great gift for a true Detroit Lions fan.

Lions T-shirts

Besides jerseys, Detroit LionsT - shirtscan show off that Detroit Lions pride. Some T-shirts are styled to look like jerseys with a number on the front and back and a last name across the shoulder blades. The Detroit Lions shirts usually come in either silver, black, white or Honolulu blue to showcase the team colors. Shirts are available in long and short sleeves and can come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Most shirts display the name, the helmet, or the logo. The Lions logo consists of a clip-art-style lion jumping with its two back feet on the ground, as if it’s pouncing.

Lions Hats and Accessories

Nothing compliments a jersey or T-shirt better than a fitted Detroit Lions hat. The age of that hat determines its style, font, and even logo. Like the shirts, most hats come in the same team colors. Other styles may include a wave-like or even flame of blues, whites, and grays across the hat. Some feature the famous Lions logo pouncing across the wave of row of flames. Hats can be purchased with snaps on the back or fitted. With fitted hats, it is necessary to find out a correct size before ordering. Other items of apparel include knitted caps for winter, backpacks, baby clothing, bags, women's clothing, tanks, headbands, pajamas, and even lingerie and corsets.

Investing in Detroit Lions Memorabilia

For true collectors, there are a number of items available for purchase that display the Detroit Lions. Football trading cards come in a variety of styles and brands, and they are printed each year. Besides trading cards, the Detroit Lions have other types of autographed memorabilia. Autographed memorabilia includes autographed jerseys, footballs, helmets, pictures, and several other items. This memorabilia can be purchased in hobby shops and at various online locations.

Lions Trading Cards

Detroit Lions trading cards are printed each year to display the best players of the season. Companies like Donruss, Topps, and Score print a variety of cards highlighting each season. In each set, there are stock, inserts, and special edition cards. Stock cards are the most common and consist of a glossy image with the player name and team name on the front and the player’s statistics on the back. Insert cards may consist of the same image with a variation in trim or font, for example, a gold trim versus a white trim. Other inserts may feature a quarterback series. Special edition cards are even more rare than insert cards.

These cards may include an autograph or a game-used jersey piece on the card. Large companies will purchase a game-worn jersey from a Detroit Lion, and then cut this jersey up into hundreds of square-inch pieces. These cards are quite valuable if the player is popular. These game-used cards and other cards can then be autographed to make them even more valuable. Special edition and insert cards are usually given as a ratio on the back of a pack or box. An example may consist of 1-to-24, meaning that 1 in 24 packs will contain a special edition or insert card.

Lions Autographed Memorabilia

In addition to trading cards, the Detroit Lions also have several autographed other items available for purchase at a variety of online locations and hobby shops. Pictures, jerseys, and helmets are some of the items readily available for purchase. Pictures of players are high demand items when autographed. Jerseys and helmets are also valuable. When a jersey or helmet has been worn in an actual NFL game, the value increases. When this item is then autographed, it is as if the item stamps itself into history, and holds a special appeal to collectors. Autographed replica jerseys are a more affordable option than game-worn jerseys. Several other items can be autographed, but in order for these items to be valuable, they need a certificate of authenticity.

A certificate of authenticity confirms the true value of any item. Without this sheet of paper, the item isn’t worth nearly as much as it is with it. The certificate of authenticity assures future purchasers of the product that the item is legitimate. A certificate of authenticity is issued when a representative of the NFL is present during the actual signing of the product. Without a representative present at the signing, the item may hold significant personal value to the owner, but does not carry the same investment value for resale.

How to Buy Detroit Lions Memorabilia on eBay

When it comes to buying sports merchandise online, eBay is a great source to find all sorts of Detroit Lions memorabilia . On the home page, potential customers can use the search bar by filling in the words, "Detroit Lions." Hundreds of items pop up in a number of categories like Sports Mem, Cards and Fan Shop and Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. As you learn more about reputable sellers on eBay, it will be easier to determine the best deals and best sellers. The first step in the purchasing process is to register.

Research the Seller

Before making any purchase, it’s always a good idea to get to know the seller. Take some time to research anyone you may potentially make a purchase from and check their customer feedback. Top - rated Sellers on eBay are ones that have been consistently reliable through proven customer service. Those with the best feedback are usually accessible through eBay to answer any questions you may have regarding shipping and certificates of authenticity.


Michigan’s Detroit Lions have a variety of items available for any fan or collector. Apparel items like shirts and jerseys are available online and at brick and mortar locations that are licensed to sell NFL gear. There are items available for all ages that can be worn to represent their favorite team. Additionally, there are items like trading cards and autographed memorabilia that can be bought by serious collectors as investments. These items can be purchased at hobby shops and online at various websites like eBay. When purchasing an autographed or game-used investment item, it’s always a good idea to choose an item with a certificate of authenticity.

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