Das vintage HP taschenrechner 2008 bibel 2/2 (englisch)

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The guide part 1 here: Guide - Part 1

What about reasonable prices to expect

Don’t listen about people who will try to convince you that you cannot find an excellent HP-71B with a card reader under $479 or a HP-55 below $389. They are either resellers who bought their products like you on eBay at a decent price who try to resell it to you without any value added for triple the price or people who gives too much importance to this activity around HP calculators. HP calculators are a great hobby but it is not all we have in life!

Believe me; I just got recently on a market an excellent condition HP-11C for 2 euros. Of course I was lucky but what about a HP-42S for $45 or a HP-10 for $30? The secret is: Be patient and you will enjoy how it is fun to win a very nice HP calculator at a reasonable price on eBay.

You will find here the prices to expect for most common HP calculators models. Of course, those prices are not to be taken “written in the marble” and they can be lower or higher depending on what is included. Those prices consider an excellent condition and perfectly working product sold with its pouch, its owner’s manual and the battery and the charger if existing.

Have fun!

Model, Target price (US$, updated the February, 20th, 2009)
HP-10, $250
HP-10B V1 (5 rubber feet), $30
HP-10B V2 (3 rubber feet), $40
HP-10B V3 (3 rubber feet, green text), $45
HP-10C, $200
HP-11C, $145
HP-12C, $45
HP-12C Made in USA, $55
HP-12C Platinum V1 (no parentheses keys), $60
HP-12C Platinum V2 (with parentheses keys), $60
HP-12C Platinum 25th anniversary, $75
HP-12C Prestige, $200
HP-14B, $40
HP-14B 50th anniversary, $60
HP-15C, $150
HP-16C, $150
HP-17B, $45
HP-17BII V1 (5 rubber feet), $45
HP-17BII V2 (3 rubber feet), $45
HP-17BII V3 (black with 3 rubber feet), $50
HP-18C, $45
HP-19B, $75
HP-19BII V1 (side battery door), $85
HP-19BII V2 (back battery door), $95
HP-19C, $250
HP-20S V1 (5 rubber feet), $40
HP-20S V2 (3 rubber feet), $45
HP-20S V3 (3 rubber feet, green and purple texts), $50
HP-21, $65
HP-21S, $75
HP-22, $85
HP-22S V1 (flat display), $70
HP-22S V2 (stepped display), $85
HP-25, $100
HP-25C, $105
HP-27, $250
HP-27S V1 (flat display), $120
HP-27S V2 (stepped display), $175
HP-28C, $50
HP-28S, $70
HP-28S 100th anniversary, $350
HP-29C, $250
HP-31E Metal keyboard, $40
HP-31E Plastic keyboard, $60
HP-32E Metal keyboard, $65
HP-32E Plastic keyboard, $60
HP-32S V1 (flat display), $120
HP-32S V2 (stepped display), $100
HP-32S 50th anniversary, $130
HP-32SII V1 (5 rubber feet), $125
HP-32SII V2 (3 rubber feet), $120
HP-32SII V3 (black with 3 rubber feet), $120
HP-33E Metal keyboard, $75
HP-33E Plastic keyboard, $70
HP-33C Metal keyboard, $85
HP-33C Plastic keyboard, $80
HP-34C Metal keyboard, $120
HP-34C Plastic keyboard, $100
HP-35 V1 (HEWLETT.PACKARD & red dot ON/OFF indicator), $550
HP-35 V3 (HEWLETT PACKARD 35 & ON/OFF painted), $85
HP-35 V4 (HEWLETT PACKARD 35 & ON/OFF moldered), $100
HP-35 customized with HP employee's name in place of HEWLETT.PACKARD (thanks Wlodek!), $245
HP-35S, $60
HP-35S 35th anniversary, 100 pieces should have been produced, to confirm
HP-37E Metal keyboard, $50
HP-37E Plastic keyboard, $45
HP-38C Metal keyboard, $50
HP-38C Plastic keyboard, $45
HP-38E Metal keyboard, $50
HP-38E Plastic keyboard, $40
HP-38G, $20
HP-38G NCTM 75th anniversary, $350
HP-41C Halfnut (rounded inner display corners), $150
HP-41C Fullnut (square inner display corners), $90
HP-41C option 001 (keyboard and keys without lettering), $250
HP-41CV Halfnut (rounded inner display corners), $100
HP-41CV Fullnut (square inner display corners), $100
HP-41CV option 001 (keyboard and keys without lettering), $250
HP-41CX Halfnut (rounded inner display corners), $150
HP-41CX Fullnut (square inner display corners), $150
HP-41CX option 001 (keyboard and keys without lettering), $250
HP-41-CY, $200
HP-41 Application pac (CCD), $85
HP-41 Application pac (PPC), $100
HP-41 Application pac (ZENROM), $110
HP-41 Bar code reader HP82153A, $60
HP-41 Card reader HP82104A, $50
HP-41 HP-IL Cassete drive HP82161A, $70
HP-41 HP-IL Interface module HP82160A, $45
HP-41 HP-IL Thermal graphical printer HP82262A, $50
HP-41 HP-IL Video interface HP82183A, $95
HP-41 Infrared module HP82242A, $75
HP-41 Thermal printer HP82143A, $40
HP-42S (flat display), $180
HP-42S (stepped display), $160
HP-45 V1 (HEWLETT PACKARD 45 & metal band under the display), $80
HP-45 V2 (HEWLETT PACKARD 45, metal like painted band under the display & ON/OFF painted), $70
HP-45 V3 (HEWLETT PACKARD 45, metal like painted band under the display & ON/OFF moldered), $70
HP-48S, $60
HP-48SX, $70
HP-48G V1 (blue dot matrix display), $75
HP-48G V2 (black dot matrix display), $85
HP-48G+ V1 (blue dot matrix display), $90
HP-48G+ V2 (black dot matrix display), $100
HP-48GX (blue dot matrix display), $100
HP-48GX (black dot matrix display), $150
HP-48GX ASEE 100th anniversary, $350
HP-55, $170
HP-65 V1 (serial# 1333...), $200
HP-65 V2 (serial# 1602...), $220
HP-67, $165
HP-70, $350
HP-71A 0AAAA prototype Metal back and keyboard, Mathias (hpcollection) paid $1635 for it
HP-71B 1AAAA Metal back and keyboard, hard to say
HP-71B 1BBBB Metal back and keyboard, $130
HP-71B 1BBBB Transparent body, $550
HP-71B 2CCCC Plastic back and keyboard, $150
HP-71B 2CDCC Plastic back and keyboard, $140
HP-71B Card reader HP82400A, $100
HP-75C, $120
HP-75D, $120
HP-80 V1 (HEWLETT.PACKARD & metal band under the display), $100
HP-80 V2 (HEWLETT PACKARD 45 & metal band under the display), $90
HP-80 V3 (HEWLETT PACKARD 45, metal like painted band under the display & ON/OFF painted), $80
HP-80 V4 (HEWLETT PACKARD 45, metal like painted band under the display & ON/OFF moldered), $85
Infrared thermal printer HP82240A, $45
Infrared thermal printer HP82240B, $45

Don't hesitate to contact me in order to enhance this guide. Thanks.

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