Charlotte Bobcats Memorabilia Buying Guide

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A relatively new team to the court, established in 2004, the Charlotte Bobcats are a Southern Division basketball team with some very high-profile owners. The team has struggled throughout its young existence, starting out rocky under their first head coach, Bernie Bickerstaff. In 2008, Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Brown replaced Sam Vincent as head coach. Vincent had only coached one season before being fired. Under Larry Brown, the team began strengthening and finally entered the playoffs in the 2009-2010 season.

This is a team whose fans are desperate to cheer them on and support them, buying memorabilia that relates to the good seasons, and wearing team apparel items that clearly display who they are rooting for. They enjoy showing their team spirit even as the team struggles and especially as it strengthens.

In the early years, the fans watched, eager to support the team, even when the franchise had yet to determine the team name or where they would play, and what that new court would eventually be called. As for the name, winning out over such choices as "Flight" and "Dragons," the team did finally settle on the Charlotte Bobcats. The home court, initially called the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, was changed to The Time Warner Cable Arena in 2008 in a deal that granted the team the network exposure they were after.

2010 proved to be an exciting year for the team. Not only did they make the playoffs and set a franchise record for wins, but for the first time ever, a former NBA player took a majority ownership of an NBA team. With Michael Jordan as owner, all expectations were that the Bobcats were about to finally take off as a contending NBA team. Many Charlotte Bobcats team enthusiasts are eager to get their hand on team apparel and other memorabilia items, especially from these early start up years, in anticipation of the greatness most hope the team can achieve. Buying memorabilia, especially valuable memorabilia, requires carefully examining each item to determine its true worth.

Charlotte Bobcats Apparel Memorabilia

For all fans, owning and wearing team apparel is a favored way to show off their dedication and support of the team.

Charlotte Bobcats Hats

For some fans, supporting the team means wearing an official snapback or fitted hat in the Charlotte Bobcats team colors. Some of these are a two-tone blue with the orange and blue Bobcats logo, while others are orange. Official team gear has a sticker on the brim. Many wearers choose to keep these stickers on, and hats that still have them attached are often more desired.

Charlotte Bobcats Shirts

A team hoodie or t-shirt displaying the team name and logo is also a favorite way to show off team spirit. Often, these shirts are created to commemorate a memorable event in team history, such as when the team was in the playoffs in 2010. These shirts will have the date and other information included on them.

Some fans enjoy wearing these types of commemorative team apparel, especially when there is nostalgia connected to the event that the apparel items represent. Some fans prefer shirts that do not commemorate a specific season or event, but simply display the team name or logo. Team shirts come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, although they generally keep to the blue or orange team colors. Even the smallest fans can support the team by wearing a Charlotte Bobcats shirt.

Charlotte Bobcats Team Jerseys

While some fans are happy wearing a team shirt to demonstrate their support of the team, others want something more representative of a favorite player. Team jerseys are generally styled directly from the ones worn on the court. Most have the name and team number of a specific player, and the more popular and successful the player, the more valuable the jersey.

Game-worn jerseys, especially from a very popular player or those connected to an important game or event, are always more valuable. With an item like this, however, it is important to check that it matches the jersey worn at the game it is supposed to be from. For such a young team, the Charlotte Bobcats actually have had many variations in their uniform over the past few years.

Home jerseys have consistently stayed white, but away jerseys changed from orange to blue with other changes that were made to each uniform in 2009. Along with separate home and away uniforms, the Bobcats also have an alternate uniform and a NASCAR uniform that has patches of the finish flag pattern on it.

The team’s away jerseys say "Charlotte" on them, and the home jerseys have traditionally been embellished with the team name, "Bobcats." In 2012, new away uniforms were unveiled that read "Cats" instead of "Bobcats." This is to highlight a popular nickname for the team.

Charlotte Bobcats Collector Trading Cards

Collector trading cards are a popular piece of memorabilia for any sports team. For the Charlotte Bobcats, some of the most valuable trading cards are ones representing high-profile players, especially from their rookie year. Emeka Okafor’s rookie card from 2005, or Raymond Felton’s from 2006, are among those that have increased value. A 2007 Adam Morrison or Walter Herrmann card is also valuable, as is D . J . Augustin’s 2009 rookie card.

With the team from the beginning, Gerald Wallace has built strength while on the court. His trading cards from over the years are valuable, especially those from when he or the team did well. In 2010 he made the NBA All-Defensive First Team and played the NBA All-Star Weekend. This recognition of his talent makes his collector trading cards from 2010 all the more valuable.

Determining the Value of Charlotte Bobcats Memorabilia

The value of a sports memorabilia item increases relative to a number of factors about the item. These include its rarity, its age, if it is autographed, or if it is claimed to have belonged to or been used by a certain important player. Some memorabilia items, while they may appear to be very valuable, are just so common that their worth is greatly diminished. Most collectors of Charlotte Bobcats memorabilia will appreciate some of the more common items, but will really be enthused about the rarer ones.

The value of the item also increases depending on the popularity of the player and the importance of the game that the item is connected to. In regards to Charlotte Bobcats memorabilia, items with a connection to Gerald Wallace or that commemorate or are connected to the Bobcats’ 2010 season, when the team finally made it to the playoffs, are more valuable than items from the years when they did poorly.

Making Sure the Charlotte Bobcats Memorabilia Is Authentic

The value of a memorabilia item also relates to its condition and the degree to which the aforementioned factors can be authenticated. Any autograph should be thoroughly examined to determine if it is truly the player’s signature. Sometimes memorabilia items include unoriginal signatures when they are sold. Some of these are copied signatures that are not intended to trick anyone. Posters and photos, for instance, are often sold with a player’s signature printed on them. These signatures are usually easy to discern as not being real, as the writing does not sit on top of the image but looks like it is part of the image.

Souvenir basketballs and other items are marketed the same way, with players’ autographs printed on the item. An easy way to determine if that item was marketed that way or if it could actually be a genuine autograph is to look for similar or duplicate items. If another item can be found with the signature in the exact same spot, it is not a genuine autograph.

Checking Charlotte Bobcats Autographs Against Known Originals

Even with autographs that appear to be authentic, if another signature that is identical to the signature on the item can be found, the signature is not a unique and authentic autograph. Known authentic autographs of most players can be located rather easily, and these should be very similar in style and characteristics to the autograph being compared, but should never match exactly. Signatures are individual and no two are alike.

Checking to determine whether a memorabilia item is authentic is an important part of purchasing such items and building a truly impressive collection. A wise fan will carefully examine items that are considered to be very valuable to determine if the item does indeed deserve the value being afforded it.

Where to Find Charlotte Bobcats Memorabilia

The quickest and easiest way for fans to get their hands on the most current Charlotte Bobcats memorabilia immediately is by attending a game at The Time Warner Cable Arena. This option is only viable for local fans, however, and then only during select times of the year. A great alternative to actually attending a game to purchase these items is to locate specific items online, either at a sports memorabilia website or from an online auction site, such as eBay.

Buying Charlotte Bobcats Memorabilia on eBay

If there is a specific Charlotte Bobcats memorabilia item that you are looking for, the quickest way to find listings for it on eBay is to do a keyword search for the item through All Categories from the main page. For this type of search, it is important to keep the keywords as general as possible in order to bring back a large number of listings. Options for looking at listings in more specific categories will appear, and these are useful for narrowing down the search.

For a general idea of the types of Charlotte Bobcats memorabilia available on eBay, look through the listings in the Sports Mem, Cards and Fan Shop category. This is where you can find listings for Fan Apparel and Souvenirs, Autographs, and Game Used Memorabilia. Be sure to enter "Charlotte Bobcats" as the search criterion to make sure it only brings back listings for this team.


The Charlotte Bobcats are a fairly new team on the NBA courts. In their short history, the team has experienced many changes in players, in coaches, in uniforms, and even in their home arena and in ownership. Throughout all these changes, the team continues to gain strength. Their fan base continues to grow as well, and many of these fans are eager to support the team by owning and displaying team memorabilia.

Charlotte Bobcats team enthusiasts purchase and wear team apparel, including jerseys, hats, hoodies, and t-shirts. Especially great items to own are those that celebrate the team’s victories. Anything celebrating the times the team gave their fans the most hope is an item to own and treasure.

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