Calgary Flames Memorabilia Buying Guide

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The Calgary Flames are a professional hockey team that was relocated from Atlanta in 1980. The team plays for the Northwestern Division of the NHL’s Western Conference. The Flames have won several Division Championships, Conference Championships, Presidents’ Trophies, as well as a Stanley Cup in 1989. There have been many important players associated with Calgary, such as Mike Vernon, Lanny McDonald, and Jarome Iginla, to name a few. Fans of the team like to collect items to hold onto the memories associated with the team, or in hopes of a future profit. Buyers can find several types of memorabilia to purchase from numerous Flames players, including jerseys, trading cards, autographs, and more. These memorabilia items can be found at many different outlets, such as hobby shops, sporting good shops, online retailers, and online marketplaces such as eBay.

Important Players Throughout Flames History

Several important players have played for the Calgary Flames. Some of the more collectable players were part of the team’s 1989 Stanley Cup Championship season. Two of these men, Lanny McDonald and Mike Vernon, hold the distinction of being the only players in the Flames’ organization to have their jerseys retired by the team. Another player who may ultimately have his jersey raised to the rafters, Jarome Iginla, has become one of the most successful players in team history.

Lanny McDonald

Lanny McDonald played more than 1,100 games over a 16-year career. He scored 500 goals and 1,006 points. McDonald was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1973. He began his career with them, then moved on to play part of three seasons with Colorado, before finally landing with the Flames in 1981. McDonald played as an offensive forward and had three consecutive seasons of 40 goals while playing for Toronto. In his final season, in 1988-1989, he led the Flames to a Stanley Cup title. McDonald was inducted into the National Hockey League’s Hall of Fame in 1990, and the Flames retired his jersey that same year. There are several different types of Lanny McDonald memorabilia available to buyers. Included in this selection are jerseys, game used trading cards, and autographed trading cards.

Mike Vernon

Mike Vernon played 19 seasons in the National Hockey League as part of the Calgary Flames, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, and Florida Panthers. Vernon was an integral part of the Stanley Cup winning team of 1989, as standout goaltender. Vernon was drafted in 1981 by Calgary, and ended his career two decades later in the same city. Vernon has 385 career victories under his belt, which places him in the top 20 in NHL history. Calgary retired his jersey in 2007, only the second player in team history to be honored this way. Fans can find Mike Vernon memorabilia items like autographed trading cards, game used trading cards, and lapel pins.

Jarome Iginla

Jarome Iginla was named as a captain of the Calgary Flames hockey team. He was drafted by the Dallas Stars in the 1995 draft, but was traded to Calgary. He became the first captain in National Hockey League history to be of African heritage. He had 11 consecutive seasons where he scored 30 goals or more. Iginla has scored over 500 goals and has over 1,000 total points. Iginla is known off the ice for his generous and polite nature. For every goal he scored, he donated two thousand dollars to charity. Fans can find several types of memorabilia for Iginla, such as jersey trading cards, autographed trading cards, and jerseys. Being a more current National Hockey League player, Iginla is highly collectable.

Types of Calgary Flames Memorabilia

There are many types of Flames memorabilia available to buyers. The team has produced mass amounts of trading cards throughout the years, along with fan apparel, fan gear, and autographed items. Fans can choose which items are right for them and purchase the memorabilia item that will be a great addition to their collections.

Trading Cards

There are several types of trading cards available for fans to purchase. They include base cards, rookie cards, jersey cards, autographed cards, and numbered cards. Buyers looking to purchase trading cards should know which type they would like to have before shopping around. Below is an outline of the various types of trading cards available for fans to purchase.

Trading Card Type


Base Card

A card included as part of a regularly run set; packs and boxes consist of mostly base cards

Rookie Card

The first card of an athlete that is part of a fully licensed, nationally distributed set; not always produced in a player’s first year

Jersey Card

Cards that include a piece of a jersey worn by an athlete; popular varieties are game used or game worn

Autographed Card

Cards that include a signature of the athlete on the card

Short Print Cards

Cards with a limited print run; total quantity and the card’s number in the series will be imprinted on the card

This list outlines just a few types of sports cards available to buyers for collecting. Many other types can be found by buyers looking to add to their collections. People can find several other versions of trading cards featuring their favorite players, but this list is a good starting point.

Calgary Flames Fan Gear and Apparel

Fan gear and apparel are the items that represent the team that can be worn or collected. Calgary has several types of fan gear items available for buyers. Some of the items available are pennants, lapel pins, hats, jerseys, and pucks. Fans can collect all types of gear relating to their favorite player or the team as a whole.




Trading cards, autographs, jerseys, lapel pins, and photos


Pennants, programs, hats, t-shirts, pucks, and cheer necklaces

Above are examples of the different types of memorabilia buyers will find depending on which type of items they are looking for. If buyers are looking at items for a specific player, they will find several of the examples provided. It buyers are looking for team related memorabilia, they will find the types of items listed, among others.

Autographed Items      

Buyers are always looking to add autographed memorabilia to their collections. There are several types of items that are available to be purchased, such as posters, autographed sticks, trading cards, pucks, and jerseys. There are several types of autographs that buyers should watch for. Autographs on memorabilia items can be cut signatures, autographed stickers, or signed directly on merchandise. Mostly found in trading cards, cut signatures are autographs cut from other documents or cardboard. This allows trading card companies to produce newer autographed cards from deceased players. It also allows the company the flexibility when creating new styles of cards.

Autographed stickers are just what they sound like, stickers that the player autographed and the companies placed on items later. Directly signed memorabilia can be signed in a few different ways. The signature can be obtained by a fan directly, either after a game or during a signature session held by the team. It can also be gathered by a memorabilia company having the player sign several of the same item and selling the items to the public. Whenever buyers are looking to purchase autographed memorabilia, they should have the signature authenticated. This will ensure that the signature is genuine and not a reproduction or forgery.

Buying Calgary Flames Memorabilia on eBay

When fans decide which type of memorabilia they would like to purchase, they have several outlets to consider. eBay provides buyers with millions of listings from sellers all over the world. There are a few different ways a buyer can look on eBay for the perfect piece of Calgary Flames memorabilia to add to a collection. You can search the site using eBay’s main search bar on the homepage or you can browse the categories that contain sports memorabilia items.

Searching Options on eBay

All the searching options offered by eBay are very user friendly. If you choose to browse by category, choose the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop category. From this category, buyers have a choice of several subcategories, such as Cards, Game Used Memorabilia, Fan Apparel & Souvenirs, and Autographs - Original. Each of these sections has a dropdown menu that pops up that gives you the opportunity to choose hockey as your sport of focus. If you choose to perform a site-wide search from the eBay home page using specific terms, such as "Calgary Flames memorabilia," you can expect thousands of results that you can then narrow down further.


Fans of the Calgary Flames hockey team who wish to buy collectibles of their favorite players, or the team as a whole, have a wide variety of items from which to choose. The Calgary Flames have featured many popular players that have become highly collectable over the years. Some of the more historical players are still among the memorabilia being collected. Fans can find memorabilia items such as trading cards, autographed items, posters, pucks, and sticks. With sellers from all over the world, eBay offers buyers the opportunity to view thousands of items and choose the perfect one to add to their collections.

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