Australian Stamps MNG Over Rated & Over Priced

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When purchasing stamps you may notice some sellers describing a stamp as being MNG (MINT NO GUM).  I have noticed that the price of these stamps described as MNG have been selling for well over the value of a MNG stamp sometimes reaching prices of that of a MUH (MINT UN-HINGED) version of the same stamp and occasionally going even higher.

If you are going to buy MNG stamps then a good way to value these stamps is to use the VFU (Very Fine Used) catalogue price as really when a stamp looks MINT on the front though has no reminisce of gum on the back should be classed as a used stamp.  Though if the stamp is MINT on the front I can understand eBay buyers going higher than the value of the stamp in used condition.  Though I would like to have them consider looking for the stamp in MUH (MINT UN-HINGED) condition if willing to spend the same amount of money on the used version of the stamp. 

Also buyers should be careful of stamps that have just been described as being MINT with no elaboration on MINT in the description of the stamp in the sellers listing, as describing a stamp as being MINT means that it is one of four different levels of condition.


This list above is in order of the best MINT condition to the worst MINT condition and the value of stamps in these conditions should be priced accordingly.

It is up to each individual if they wish to take my advise or ignore it,  I just wanted to share some information and hope people consider the information provided before committing to buy stamps for over their true value.

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