A Collector's Guide to eBayana (eBay-ana) Collectibles

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What red-, blue-, yellow- and green-blooded eBayer has never collected some choice items of  eBayana, also known @  ebay.com as  eBay-ana? Even if you've only picked up the freebies at  eBay Live! -- including that year's haul of pins, trading cards, coins, and/or other commemorative goodies -- swearing that they are for resale, let's face it: You've got your very own collection of  eBayana.

The best and most efficient way to display your pins from eBay Live! is on each year's lanyard. (If you weren't there, you can win one on eBay afterwards.) You can also display that year's ribbons, and feel free to add to them if you like. After all, this is YOUR collection.

But what about T-shirts; hats; pens, notebooks and other office accessories; mugs, thermoses, and coolers; mouse pads and mice; Pez dispensers, Beanie Babies, and assorted other chotchkes? And just what kind of other items might those be?? Hold onto your shelf space, because the range of available eBayana (eBay-ana) is amazing. Trust me, I know this to be true!

Let's start at the top with eBay-branded apparel: Hats (baseball, winter, and fisherman's). Scarves (all four primary eBay colors from eBay UK ; navy from eBay Taiwan; black from eBay Europe and eBay Austria (ebay.at); and striped, given as a holiday gift to employees of ebay.com). Jackets galore. Polo and T-shirts from international sites as well as from ebay.com. Gloves (black from eBay Europe, grey from eBay Germany, each in their own zippered pouch). Wristwatches (several styles). Rubber wristbands (regular and employees-only sets). Belts (Guatemalan embroidered blue, red, white or black and woven black/multicolor). Pants (pajama, yoga, and track, all from The eBay Shop and VHTF -- Very Hard To Find). Socks (white socklets given out @ the first eBay Live! in 2002, eBay Sports anklets in both black and white, and co-branded eBay/PayPal crew style from ebay.co.uk).

For footwear, there's eBay slipper socks (in all four primary eBay colors) from The eBay Shop or white terrycloth slippers (if you can find a pair) and the even more rare eBay Nikes. Only one pair of these was officially made, and it sold for $30,000 -- which included a video documenting the destruction of the sample pair photographed for the auction. There are two different T-shirts commemorating this listing, but they almost never show up for sale anywhere on eBay, let alone in the eBay-ana category. However, I do have several hand-painted pairs of eBay Chuck Taylors plus an unofficial pair of eBay Nikes hand-painted with the eBay primary colors and logo, which I found using the keywords "ebay custom" (no quotes).

We'll talk more about the incredible array of available eBayana items, but first let's talk about where and how to find them. The obvious place, of course, is in the eBay-ana category @


which is small enough -- under 200 items, except immediately before, during and after eBay Live! -- to be easily browsed all by itself. Don't forget to browse the Store pages, too, for approximately 800 fixed-price treasures.

Some of the extra-special items available in the eBay-ana category right now are expeconcepts' "ebay 5 inch it"; bright yellow and bright green wool scarves from eBay UK  (ebay.co.uk); the eBay Lionel Boxcar, 500 of which were issued in 2000 in honor of the 100th birthday of the Lionel Train company; and a wall hanging/rug hand woven with the eBay Live! logo. Bidding starts at only 99¢ (or a Buy-It-Now price of $270) for the latter. I have bought a number of handmade woven, mosaic, and embroidered eBay logo'd pieces from this seller, shwaihat -- including eBay vests (as seen in my video for the Traveling Lab Coat), rugs, wall hangings, a shawl and a beaded tablecloth -- and each of them is extraordinary in both design and workmanship.

Speaking of eBay UK, it pays to also check out the eBayana category there @


as well as the eBayana category for eBay Germany (ebay.de ) @


You don't need to speak German to be able to look at the pictures and recognize the PayPal logo in a listing. If it says "Versand Nach: Weltweit" under the Startpreis (Starting Price), then it means that the Seller ships worldwide. If it doesn't -- but you really want the item -- then write to the Seller and ask for permission to bid. It is not necessary for them to change anything in the listing; you just have to have their explicit permission. I used Babelfish to translate my request but send it also in English, and I have been able to acquire some fabulous items of International eBayana that would otherwise not have been available to me, including a bottle of eBay Sparkling Wine (eBay police, please note: It was purchased for the collectible bottle, not the contents thereof, and the transaction took place @ ebay.de, not ebay.com).

The eBay Shopebay.com (http://www.theebayshop.com/) and the eBay FanShopeBay Germany (http://www.merchandising-partner.de/) also are good sources of fun eBay collectibles, including jackets, sweatshirts, office supplies, accessories and even wrapping paper. My personal favorite purchases from the eBay Fanshop are the eBay-branded keyboard (complete with its own PayPal button); the eBay Badekappe (Bathing Cap) in bright yellow with octopus eyes up front (after a character from the current ebay.de advertising campaign); and the eBay Windlights (tea-candle lights in all four primary eBay colors).

Now I'm going to tell you a few of the keywords I've used to discover obscure eBayana treasures. I've put them in quotation marks for clarity of reading purposes, but you'll want to use just the words themselves without the quotes except in this case: "e bay". It is amazing how many people cannot spell the word "eBay" so this will find you some real "e-bay", "e Bay", and/or "e*bay" bargains, all of which will pop up under "e bay" with quotation marks, exactly as written.

(Remember: Search keywords are NOT case sensitive. Adding an asterisk lets you automatically search the plural and/or other variations as well as the singular of any given word.)

I've also found some great stuff using keywords "ebay color*" (no quotes) to bring up items whose title includes the words "ebay color", "eBay colors", and "ebay colored", including curtains with a matching valence; wallpaper border; a set of four barstools, one in each primary eBay color; and even some wigs. Using the same words in German @ ebay.de, "ebay farben" scored me several packages of silk rose petals in the four eBay colors -- great to sprinkle in with your packing popcorn when shipping special sale or gift items!

Keywords "ebay color*" currently brings up a set of four eBay Crystal Colored Heart Pez Dispensers; an eBay Full Color Embroidered Logo Ball Cap Baseball Hat; and 100 Color eBay Thank You Customer Business Cards, none of which is listed in the eBay-ana category.Those same keywords also helped me find wonderful earrings made of eBay-colored beads. They are no longer available, but using keywords "ebay earrings" will find you tjsminis' I LOVE EBAY Dangle Button Earrings (item #320057413012) and jakeeangel's fabulous eBay Beaded Dangle Earrings Handmade (item #180147246704).

Keywords "ebay star* -wars" allowed me to discover gorgeous feedback-star-inspired star-shaped Christmas ornaments from ebronxdotnet. Using keywords "ebay sign*" gave me the chance to win a 13-foot-high collapsible banner sign, while nowadays they also can find you an eBay Sign Aluminum License Plate "CUONEBAY"; an UNPAINTED WOODEN SIGN-I LOVE EBAY; PEOPLESCHOICES14U2--CUSTOM MADE EBAY SIGNS HOME/OFFICE; and a Key Chain Pocket Watch eBay Positive Sign that says "I (heart) Positive Feedback". Searching for "ebay painting*" will yield artistpavel's 7x9 original PAINTING eBay PowerSeller Logo Design.

Here are some more useful keywords, in no particular order: "ebay custom"; "ebay employee"; "ebay OOAK" (One Of A Kind); "ebay VHTF" (Very Hard To Find) -- I won a pendant necklace engraved with those letters; "ebayana" or "ebay-ana"; "ebay clock" (several timely choices exist); "ebay radio*" (for a retro-style tabletop model plus two over-the-ear styles); "ebay shirt*" (for wonderful unofficial as well as official eBay-wear); "ebay sweat*" (for sweaters and/or sweatshirts); "ebay towel*" (I've gradually accumulated an entire set of eBay bath towels @ ebay.com and ebay.de as well as several different beach towels, including a bright yellow one from eBay Australia); "ebay bag*"; "ebay live"; "ebay logo"; "ebay original" (that's how I originally came across artistpavel's eBay paintings); "ebay promo"; and "ebay unique".

Last but not least, try "ebay it". When the ad campaign was new, I won a gold "it" necklace, "it" earrings in two different styles, an "it" ring, an "it" tiara, an "it" dress for Barbie, and several versions of "it" in a plethora of different materials including several kinds of exotic wood, styrofoam, and fake marble.

Remember: You can save keywords as Favorite Searches with an email option so that eBay will notify you whenever new items become available.

Don't be afraid to hold out for lot sets on items such as caps, pins, pens, and keychains. If you see reasonably priced silver eBay coins or gold-plated eBay employee pins; eBay flash drives; and/or an eBay WebCam; an eBay Viewmaster or eBay Gumball Machine; an eBay Wine Glass or eBay Bud Vase or eBay Tray; an eBay Basketball or eBay Football Helmet; a cricket bat or candles from eBay India (ebay.in); or a triple co-branded eBay/skype/PayPal hoody from eBay Netherlands (ebay.nl), grab 'em -- especially the football helmet. (I've got an eBay skydiving helmet!) Look for bargains on eBay Rolling Bags and Backpacks, which are must-haves when you're packing for eBay Live! Above all, enjoy the thrill of the hunt as much as the chase and of course the win -- because collecting something you love is the most rewarding way to Shop Victoriously!

As for "the one that got away"? Well, I never have been able to track down a pair of eBay Skis; just 100 pairs were commissioned from edelwiser in 2005 and issued as prizes at eBay Austria. Then again, we live in Dallas, Texas, so I probably wouldn't get to use them much. But one of these days…

Thank you for reading my Collector's Guide To eBayana (eBay-ana) Collectibles. If you found it helpful, please vote by clicking "Ja" below.

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